We are making a death star to enter the Greenfield School competition to make a model that is inspired by your favourite film. We're also going to place the star on top of the Christmas tree, once the tree is up

We made the model out of paper mache that was shaped round a balloon and then painted to look like a death star.

Step 1: Make a Paper Mache Ball

Blow up a small balloon, we blew it up to about 155mm wide because we only wanted a small model.

We took masking tape and tore it up into small bits and stuck them onto the balloon, making sure we covered the whole balloon with tape.

Then we tore up lots of strips of paper and stuck them onto the balloon using a mixture of PVA glue and water. We covered the whole balloon again and left it to dry overnight. Once the model was completely dry we put a second layer of paper mache over the balloon to make it stronger.

Once the paper mache was dry we tried to pop the balloon using a pin, but it didn't work. The balloon was stuck to the inside of the paper mache because of the sticky masking tape. So cut the model in half and tried to scrape the balloon out of the middle.

This still didn't work very well so if you want to make your own model we suggest not using masking tape on the first layer.

Fantastic idea! I thought your instructable title was really funny? Im pretty sure Mrs. instructodad_ wouldn't go for this on her tree, but if she did, I think I'd wire some super bright green LEDs for the superlaser. Great job.

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