Picture of How to Make a Steampunk Bolero Jacket
This instructable is how to make a quick and stylish Bolero Jacket for your SteamPunk outfit.
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Photos: MGNorris.com

What you will need.

thread (i serge all my seams so i tend to get 3-4 spools of the matching color
3 yards silk or teffeta
ruffle foot for your sewing machine
Sewing Machine
1 yard interfacing
2 yards or so of Trim depending on size
For this i combined simplicity 442 and 2478

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Step 1: Making your Mockup

Picture of Making your Mockup
Whenever I decide to do some serious tinkering with a pattern I always make a canvas mockup.
Trust me this step saves hair pulling and tears later, plus it gives you a pattern you can use over
and over again if you end up liking the design.

I cut out the pieces for the main jacket and stitched together the pieces at the neck and then sewed the darts and the side seams.
I decided to use the second pattern mostly for the bell sleeves so i got strait to fitting this pattern. Take in at the sides and neck until
your have a good fit.

You can see that I adjusted the shoulders in on the left from where they were originally on the right.
I almost ALWAYS have to alter the arm/shoulders on stock patterns.

Step 2: Cutting out your pieces

Picture of Cutting out your pieces
Now that you have your mockup set, pull it apart and use it as pattern pieces.

Cut out the jacket pieces and the sleeves from the other pattern.
As you can see i doubled the size of the length and width of the sleeve ruffle so that I could
ruffle it.

Cut out interfacing layer for the main jacket and fuse with steam setting of an iron to the wrong side of your fabric.
Jumper4355 months ago

looks amazing!!! good job.

Hzlbrwn2 years ago
Lovely work! Im doing Steampunk for Halloween 2013!
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Love it! Just beautiful!