This instructable is how to make a quick and stylish Bolero Jacket for your SteamPunk outfit.
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What you will need.

thread (i serge all my seams so i tend to get 3-4 spools of the matching color
3 yards silk or teffeta
ruffle foot for your sewing machine
Sewing Machine
1 yard interfacing
2 yards or so of Trim depending on size
For this i combined simplicity 442 and 2478

Step 1: Making Your Mockup

Whenever I decide to do some serious tinkering with a pattern I always make a canvas mockup.
Trust me this step saves hair pulling and tears later, plus it gives you a pattern you can use over
and over again if you end up liking the design.

I cut out the pieces for the main jacket and stitched together the pieces at the neck and then sewed the darts and the side seams.
I decided to use the second pattern mostly for the bell sleeves so i got strait to fitting this pattern. Take in at the sides and neck until
your have a good fit.

You can see that I adjusted the shoulders in on the left from where they were originally on the right.
I almost ALWAYS have to alter the arm/shoulders on stock patterns.
<p>looks amazing!!! good job.</p>
Lovely work! Im doing Steampunk for Halloween 2013!
Love it! Just beautiful!

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