Step 3: Construction Log 1

I have begun to think of ways I can incorporate jigs into my design. This is because jigs can make numerous products that are exactly the same. The reason for starting to look at jigs is because I think it will be the most time consuming and tricky part of this project. I have thought of four necessary jigs that can be used to make the unit precise  and accurate. The first is for the curve of each shelve, there are 8 different sizes which means a lot of moving about, and so the best way to make them to the exact size would be to have a multifunctional jig. This will take a lot of measuring and quite a bit of patience. The 2nd and 3rd jigs are for the speaker cubes and the forth is for the slots of each shelf.

Having a break from the jigs as they are very fiddly. I am making a model out of cardboard. It is full size and the curves are very accurate as I have used a big compass and a set square to mark them out. My first thoughts are that the unit will fit snug on a wall but the pugs which hold it there may take up quite a bit of room. It can hold 15 CDs in each full box.

I have finished the model, which can hold all of the CDs needed and still sits on the wall. I can’t put any heavier weight on it as it will collapse. This is not surprising because it is cardboard.

I have chosen the material I am going to use. It is a locally sourced oak which has come from a sustainable foresting company. The trunk planks come at 15mm thick but have curves and bumps in, this is okay because the thickness of each shelf is going to be 10mm so I have plenty of room for planning and sanding.

I have begun work on the first jig. It consists of three parts: the frame, the holder, and the marker. I have just made it from scrap ply wood as it does not need to look amazing. This jig is to get the perfect curve so I need to do a lot of measurement to get the pieces exactly right.
very nice really great person <br>
pls send the 3d design its really very nice . on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
I took that photo!!! =)
Nice interpretation of this... <br>
those are so cool, did u make them?
Sorta has a modern-retro theme, and doesn't take too much time to build!
i was there when he made it, although it looks quite easy it takes quite a lot of time and effort to make all the peaces fit perfectly
Lot of work. Excelent result. Thanks for sharing. vote done!!!
Cheers, Mate!!

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