Step 4: Construction Log 2

When trying to use the jig I kept on pushing the wood to the side, so I added supports to the jigs so that it would not slip about. After this I drew out the curves on all of the bits of wood, and cut them using the band saw. I have noticed that the jig has a minor flaw as I used rope and a pencil to make the curve arm the rope stretched a bit. This has meant that some pieces are not the same size, but I can sort this be sanding them down. I will use wire next time I mark them out.

I have begun work on the speakers. I have measured all of the squares 10mm by 10mm  this was a little tricky as I was using the left over pieces from the curves I cut. This  meant that I have not be wasting the wood. Using a set square and a ruler I have also measured the slot sizes on every single separate piece.

I have soldered the amplifier set together, it took only about an hour but if I was mass producing it I would definitely set up a program to do it faster.  I put the pieces together with out any joints etc. and found that the 330mm by 180mm parts have to be cut down to 150mm as they are the side parts and they are only half the size of other pieces. Because of this change in measurement I have checked all the other pieces just in case.

Because of the slots to hold each piece together they have taken away 10mm of the original 140mm boxes, this does not matter much but I can now only hold 13 CDs in each cube. The slots are measured at half way on  each piece, some pieces have odd ones as they have slots on the top, this means they have a higher side and a lower side.

Cutting the pieces for the boxes was tricky as if they are too big the sides will change shape and not be a cube any more. I put them together using pins but split the wood when I did this, so I drilled holes  using a pillar drill and made dowel joints instead this looks nicer and looks professional. Some of the sides are not flush as I predicted, but I can sand them to be square as it is only out by a few millimetres at the most.
very nice really great person <br>
pls send the 3d design its really very nice . on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
I took that photo!!! =)
Nice interpretation of this... <br>
those are so cool, did u make them?
Sorta has a modern-retro theme, and doesn't take too much time to build!
i was there when he made it, although it looks quite easy it takes quite a lot of time and effort to make all the peaces fit perfectly
Lot of work. Excelent result. Thanks for sharing. vote done!!!
Cheers, Mate!!

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