Step 8: Product in Its Environment

From these pictures of the final product you can see it is fulfilling its main function as a CD rack. From the trials users have said it looks like a designer product. I have assembled it in a number of ways, but these are not the only layouts. The material I have used is oak wood, it is a hard wood so it can withstand the occasional bump. Fully assembled the unit is 1500mm x 1350mm. The rack can hold over 300 CD’s. This is well over the expected  capacity and is a great result.

Each piece has a number of slots and some pieces have the slots on the top and others have slots on the bottom, the pieces can be put together in a number of ways. Different options have been illustrated above. Some ways may look better than others so it is probably best to see what they look like on the floor before you drill it to a wall! The  speakers are slightly less interchangeable  as they are restricted by wiring but the length between each speaker is half a metre, this means that a speaker could just go in each corner of the full structure.
very nice really great person <br>
pls send the 3d design its really very nice . on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
I took that photo!!! =)
Nice interpretation of this... <br>
those are so cool, did u make them?
Sorta has a modern-retro theme, and doesn't take too much time to build!
i was there when he made it, although it looks quite easy it takes quite a lot of time and effort to make all the peaces fit perfectly
Lot of work. Excelent result. Thanks for sharing. vote done!!!
Cheers, Mate!!

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