How to Make a Suitcase for Toys!





Introduction: How to Make a Suitcase for Toys!

Hi! Today I have made a suitcase 4 toys {Stuffed animals, AG dolls, etc} and I just wanted to add that u can make this 4 little animals or dolls 2. Just use a smaller box. THX 4 viewing! Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

U will need some acrylic paints, a workspace, some duck tape, scissors, a box, and a paint tray.

Step 2: Cut the Door

I don't know if it's called a door, but anyway, cut it like a door. I tried scissors, but got annoyed cause' it was hard so I used a butter knife. U can use an Exacto knife, or any other sharp knife, but I just used a butter knife cause' my mom hates sharp knifes cause' we're all too clumsy so she doesn't actually have one:)

Step 3: Duct Tape the Edges

Put duck tape on the edges.

Step 4: Attach the Handle

Roll up some duck tape and tape on2 the top of the suitcase.

Step 5: Paint

Paint all the sides, and U will most likely need more than 1 coat. Paint tiny wheels on the sides.

Step 6: Line It

Line the inside with duck tape.

Step 7: Decorate

U can decorate the edges with washi or duck tape. What I had was washi tape, which I'm warning U doesn't stick well. Try 2 use duck tape.

Step 8: Ta-Da!

Now it's finished and U can pack whatever your toy needs. Oh, and I'm not a different person writing this, I'm just trying out abbreviations. THX 4 viewing, and I hope U enjoyed!



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    Very helpful; will try it out with my girls...thanks!