Picture of How to Make a Summer Top from a T-shirt
This is an easy alteration and would work on an adult or kid-size t-shirt.  It's a great way to give an old, tired shirt new energy!

Step 1: What you'll need

two t-shirts, one long-sleeved t-shirt OR one t-shirt and some knit fabric;  sewing machine;  scissors;  thread to match shirt and safety pins
darklotus18 days ago

Lovely design and looks simple to make! Thanks for sharing this!

craftystaci (author)  darklotus18 days ago
Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it!
opalz72 years ago
thank you this is awesome!
craftystaci (author)  opalz72 years ago
My pleasure!
lyonpridej4 years ago
I've been looking for some cute summer tops to make for my granddaughters repurposed from other clothing. I really like this shirt, especially the braided part! Thanks!