Learn to make a super bright LED light very easily at home. The LED light has very high intensity and glows too much. The aluminium foil acts as reflector for the light from LED's.

Watch the video for visual details...!

For written instructions proceed to step 2...

Step 1: Materials Required

1. A piece of cardboard

2. Food Wrapping Aluminium foil

3.Black Tape

4. Hot Glue gun

5. LED's ---------- x 6

6. 100 ohm Resistor

7. Battery connector clip

Step 2: How to Do

1. Take a piece of cardboard of about 6 cm x 3 cm

2. Wrap it in food wrapping foil.

3. Mark equidistant holes for 6 LED's and using a knife tip cut the foil from the holes.

Note:Watch the video for more clarity or you can also refer to the uploaded image.

4. Using a needle or a PCB drill make holes for LED legs.

5. Refer to the uploaded schematics and insert the LED's in the cardboard.

6. Secure them in place with hot Glue

7. Connect the LED legs according to the schematics and connect a 100 ohm resistor as well.

8. Make two holes in the center below the LED's and attach the battery connector to the cardboard.

9. Make proper connections (refer schematics).

10. Take a piece of thick paper of about 10 cm x 1.5 cm (size will vary depending on the size of your light)

11. Wrap it in a piece of Aluminium foil and using Hot Glue, attach it as the boundary for the cardboard.

12. Our Flashlight is now ready to use.

Step 3: Testing and Diagnosis

Attach a battery to the connector and the Flashlight should light up well.

If the LED Flashlight does not work, double check the connections and make sure the battery polarity is appropriate for LED's.

Note: Make sure not to look directly into eye because the light is very bright due to reflections from the Aluminium foil.

So Guys, this here concludes this instructable, stay tuned for new ones soon.

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<p>Isn't a flash a form of light that lasts only for parts of a second?</p>
<p>Yes, you are right. Flash is a form of light that lasts very short but a <strong>flashlight</strong> is a synonym for torch or a portable hand held electric light.</p><p>That said, however, you can convert this light into a flash just by introducing a momentary switch between the battery and LEDs or you can connect a <strong>push to ON</strong> switch to get a control over the flash duration.</p>

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