Step 1: In Today's Instructables I'm Going to Show You a Brilliant Idea of How to Make a Super Flashlight by Yourself Using an Old Out of Work Luminescent Lamp.

Step 2: This Flashlight Can Be Made Very Easily and It Takes Just One Luminescent Lamp or As It Is Often Called a Daylight Lamp.

Step 3: In Order to Make the Flashlight Shine Very Brightly, You Should Choose the Lamp With the Smallest Size and Power.

Step 4: You Should Also Make a Super Flashlight by Yourself at Home.

Good luck!

<p>Nice project, but these days it is easier/better/safer/more efficient to just use LEDs.</p>
<p>To answer the others asking, YES, that IS a 'Fly Zapper' racket handle, and You're applying the H-V lines from the circuit to the opposing ends of the CFL Tube. </p><p>I also have to agree, the use of a non-contained CL tube is begging for disaster. (glass, and the (from an old Haz-Mat Operational-level (Warm-zone clean-up) Ex Firefighter's perspective) Mercury-Vapor (and extreme minute amounts of actual mercury droplets) overkill of the hazardous material. It is a bit hazardous. (trust me, we're exposed to more eating any kind of Ocean Fish, not just sword fish.) I would suggest a encapsulated (Plastic cover over the CFL tube) light, instead of an exposed one.</p><p> The H-V circuit in the racket handle, turns the CFL into a semi-Electro-Luminescent light. (HV exciting the mercury vapor, and forming a L-O-N-G &amp; W-I-D-E arc through it.)</p>
<p>Forget all the safety patrol people, what the heck is the handle that powers the thing? Your instructable is not complete!</p>
<p>whats the handle from ? looks like a fly swater .not very bright what about using a led bulb safer and maybe brighter </p>
Clever idea, but not a safe one at all. These tubes are notoriously fragile and contain mercury. Check out the NBC news report and the EPA 11-step process for cleaning up in the home after breaking one of these bulbs. A flashlight needs to be durable, as after all, you are wandering around in the dark using it, right?
<p>I would put a cloth around the glass tube when you are getting the bottom off , just in case the glass breaks in your hand</p>

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