How to Make a Survival Kit




Introduction: How to Make a Survival Kit

Hello I'm back. This isn't much of an instructable but kind of a review but I hope you will enjoy it

Step 1: What the Case Is Made Of

It's made of an old Samsung earphone case.I think it's water proof

Step 2: The Inside of It

The bottom is plain but the lid has a match striker

Step 3: It Includes

It used to have floss but then I used it
it has:
quite a bit of thick string (I don't have paracord ?)
mini Bic lighter
7 matches
3 DIY fish hooks (look for how to make those in another instructable)
1 heavy duty fish hook(made it myself)
signal mirror
1 candle
and finally 1 utility knife blade

Step 4: That's It

If you read this far thanks and if you follow me, vote,or leave a like it will be much appreciated.if you have any questions just ask or if you have any tips on how I can it please tell me . Thanks and bye bye



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