Step 1: To Do a Swiss Army Key Multitool You Need!

In today's instructables I'm going to show you how to make a multitool with the keys!

Step 2: I Called It Multitool With the Keys Because This Invention Looks Like a Well-known Simple Multitool, Where Instead of Knifes, Stoppers and Scissors We Will Use Keys!

Step 3: Making of This Key Tool Is Very Easy, You Can Do It at Home by Yourself With Minimum Expenses.

Step 4: The Main Thing Is the Bunch of Keys Won't Confuse in Your Pocket Any More!

Step 5: Swiss Army Key Multitool Is Ready!!!

<p>Instead of nuts with bolts, use chicago screws for a cleaner look</p>
<p>Nice Swiss Army style key multitool. How long did this take to construct?</p>
Well done. Good idea!

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