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My 10-year Wedding Anniversary is coming up so I thought I'd make my wife something special. A few months back I'd seen a show on TV where they demonstrated how companies were now making "cultured" diamonds in the lab. There are a few different methods, but the simplest is something called "chemical vapor distillation". The process is pretty straightforward. Basically, microwaves are used to create a slurry of graphite plasma which, when rapidly cooled form a crystal structure.

I checked around on the internet and found several sites where others have been doing the same thing. The best part was that everything I'd need were pretty common household items. So, I rounded up the necessary supplies and began imagining how great life would be once I'd cornered the international diamond market.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's the surprisingly short list of materials I used:

A standard home microwave oven
2 coffee mugs
3 pieces of 3mm graphite pencil lead
A few drops of extra virgin olive oil
A 5" piece of 100% cotton thread

The hardest item to find was the 100% cotton thread. It's amazing how scarce that stuff is. After searching through all of our sewing notions, I finally found some black thread that I think my mom bought back in the 70's.
Cheathum145 years ago

I don't like being "that guy" but it seems there are plenty of others on this site so im going to say it anyway; thats not a diamond. Here are a few reasons why.
1. The pencil lead you used contains a large amount of clay, not just graphite.
2. Microwaves are not capable of generating the heat neccesary to recrystalize carbon.
3. Even if the microwave could reach the neccessary temperature, the pressure required to make a diamond is around 50,000 to 70,000 times that of earth's atmosphere.
4. How is it that you claim to have made a diamond in your microwave if diamonds weren't even synthesized until 1953, six years after the first microwave oven was made? If they had the technology in 1947, why not use it then?

Sorry for pooping your party, but it looks like im not the only one.

your obviously using something you thought up off the top of your head, that sounded OK (i guess) but theres no references or pictures HE HAS PICTORAL PROOF AND GOT EXPERT OPINION im gonna need more evidence to back up your 'claim'

Let me bomb your party.

1. A real diamond placed in a CO2 atmosphere will dissolve into "nothing"--no pressure or heat involved.

2. Fake industrial diamond is not manufactured under such high temperatures or pressures either.

3. An Australian high-school student developed a way of coating materials in diamond micro-dust, using COLD and low pressures--great for making grinding wheels but hopeless for laser focusing devices.

Superheat and pressure is only theory.
mrcrumley (author)  Treknology5 years ago
And let me party on your bombing: You're not the first person to point this out.
I was bombing Cheathum14, not you. But I do re-assert that extreme heat and pressure will not be the methods by which "gem" quality diamonds are reproduced--and even then they won't be "gem" quality because they will lack the unique flaws of the natural product.

Of course, if subsequently worthless "pure" diamond can be grown then lenses and other optics will take a massive left turn in efficiency. And yes, I confidently predict that such method will not only validly suck carbon out of the atmosphere, it will turn out rocks in such volume that the South African economy will collapse.
mogg Treknology4 years ago
Synthetic diamonds are made at about 300deg C, but usually in a pressure vessel using microwave radiation and a "seeding" crystal. You can make diamond as big or small as you want by growing them in a chemically neutral environment (nobel gas/ nitrogen) using CO2. Check out wikipedia, has an article about them. The diamonds are purer than natural sourced diamonds, and are currently being applied to electronics, especially light based circuits.
Go to a big jewelers and ask for yellow diamonds- they are tinted to distinguish them natural ones, but they can come in any colour depending on the material you poison the crystals with. They have the same colour as urine.
I haven't tried it, so can't say if this will work, but I'm skeptical of the chemistry.Once I've destroyed my microwave (it's crap anyway), i'll let you know. (^^)

Synthetic diamon can be made on 2 method:

- CVD (chemical vapor deposition)

- HTHP (high temperatures - high pressure)

Read more about Grown diamond made on CVD process. You can watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0mwwiHd9BA

mrcrumley (author)  mogg4 years ago
I think I've mentioned this before, but I haven't read if it's been tried: perhaps a greater pressure could be achieved by incorporating a vice in the process... and maybe a tiny (yet strong) person to crank it - just an idea.
mrcrumley (author)  Treknology5 years ago
 Maybe... but they'll always have the World Cup.

Synthetic diamon can be made on 2 method:

- CVD (chemical vapor deposition)

- HTHP (high temperatures - high pressure)

You can make industrial daimounds with TNT. Does that mean that they started doing so in 1863.

It isn't only theory, graphite is the most stable allotrope of carbon at ambient temperature and 1atm pressure. (Yes you can convert diamond into graphite in an inert atmosphere at around 1000°C) Maybe there are some ways that don't need ultra high temperatures or pressures, but it is proven that diamond is more stable than graphite at these conditions and thats why it transforms into it.
You didn't quite bomb my party. I know that diamonds can be formed at much lower temperatures and pressure.(Microscopic diamonds can form on the surface of the sun where the temp. is only 10,000 and where there is little pressure) I was just saying that for a diamond of that size (visible to the naked eye) to be formed, it would take more than the pressure and heat a microwave can generate. Also, if i'm wrong, so be it, i'm only a sophomore in high school anyway and i'm taking physics next year.
I agree with you. I saw an episode on Nova scienceNOW on how these people can manmake real diamonds. It was so private, the host and the whole camera crew had to be blindfolded for the ride there and back. Also they use these obviously expensive machines with a "secret recipe" they called it. Scientists wouldn't pay that much if they could just use a microwave.
Dude, its a prank.

Apollo Diamond

You could use a microwave and an Absorber such as Silicon Carbide to absorb the microwave radiation and convert to heat.

You would need much lower pressures but you would have to have a controlled atmosphere to the Silicon carbide chamber and that chamber would have to have a suitable refractory and need to be kept cool such that its heat up does not cause ionization which results in it absorbing microwaves and heating up as well.

Apollo Diamonds are gem perfect they can only be identified by lack of any defects. Of Course if done at home you could vary input defects theoretically and they could never be identified.

Microwaves are ideal in this process because of the tight control of temperature in connection with the absorber. It is also more energy efficient.

Microwaves with a suitable absorber. Silicon Carbide, Zirconium Oxide, Plutonium Oxide and others, can absorb nearly 100% of microwave radiation.

They heat up and radiate in infrared. You need a suitable refractory and you probably want to keep it cool so that it does not heat up and ionize and start absorbing microwave energy.

The temp is achievable.

For small crystals you could use cavitation and therefore not need the high pressures. The crystals would be very small.

For Large crystals you need not have as high a pressure but you do need a controlled atmosphere.

They were using microwaves as early as 1953 at Y-12 to deal with radioactive materials processing.

You may have made Silicon Carbide in a process similar to the Acheson Process if you arced in non controlled atmosphere.
About the microwave..I'm thinking that a discovery of diamond-making need not come out the second the microwave is launched..people were pretty freaked by them.. Microwaves for food uses anyway because they were scary..
Hitler refused to allow his troops to eat food cooked it them because they were proven to mutate protein, and mutant proteins become cancerous, still a researched and proven fact, the old documents are still around for public review, online. Microwaves were around in studies years before they were launched, but they recieved passage into the public through a manipulative buy-off, against the will and recommendation of the reviewing doctors of the day on the panels.

So heads were not all about playing with microwaves in popular masses. A few were daring to launch experiments, but its main intention had some sinister purposes even though it was promoted for cool ones. Diamonds on the other hand would've been a lighter area of creative experimentation, dangerous as all science can be. I wish I'd known about the diamond thing earlier--it would've been fun to work with :D! Glad I no longer use a micro, though..
mrcrumley (author)  Cheathum145 years ago
Your response was more thoughtful than the usual, so allow me to retort:
If the "clay"in question is Clay Aiken, that only strengthens my case - his voice is like diamond.
Maybe you didn't notice the "doneness" button on my microwave... I think it goes to "11."
I assure you that the pressure I was under from my wife to NOT burn our house down exceeded 70,000 bars.
In 1953, President Truman announced we had developed the bomb. Later that month, Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" opened on Broadway. That's just too much of a coincidence for me to believe diamond-microwave technology hadn't been discovered.

Also... you should read the other comments to see how this story ended.

:) Well played. I thought there was something odd about this instructable. Also, pranking me isn't quite that difficult because im the most gullable guy in my county.

 I hope you don't live in poland. 
haha, i live in texas and i'm gullable, not stupid :)
 Oh my bad I misread that, thought you said country. 
Guess that makes you the stupid one!
gwood93 months ago
Well played :)
lesley0905 years ago
so exactly how long do you need to have it the microwave
JackB13 lesley0906 months ago

if u use ur eys u will se it just needs to be at the max time ur mirovave can do it

mrcrumley (author)  lesley0905 years ago
Well... I recommended that the microwave run as long as it can. In my case, I set it to 99 minutes, 99 seconds.

But, you really need to read the entire instructable first, including the comments. The comments reveal some interesting and important details about this process.
mcuz mrcrumley3 years ago
Hey, can you please make a video of this and put it on youtube?

You can see video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0mwwiHd9BA

mrcrumley (author)  mcuz3 years ago
I'm sorry, No. I'm now so rich from making all these diamonds that I can't tear myself away from all my yachting to make a video. Good luck though.
ok but does experiment actually work and how would the crytals come out to be
mrcrumley (author)  lesley0905 years ago
Depending on how you define "work", yes. Depending on how you define "crystals", not very very well.
JackB136 months ago

NOT BAD not bad at all

LeslieT17 months ago

That was just disappointing. I didn't even see a a little peice of it

dude april joke...

Read more about Grown diamond made on CVD process

You can easy buy synthetic diamond man made by CVD process and funny price:


darinschnitzel11 months ago

Stupid Article .. What a disappointment. It can be done, and this is not it.

You are so right

darinschnitzel11 months ago

Except diamond and graphite are both the element carbon in different structural form.

Where as gold is just the element gold.

wafflemaker87812 months ago
Wow, nothing like the cover pic! ;-)
dqsdlfkj2 years ago

How do you make a protein "cancerous?" Cancer involves a mutation of a cell's DNA. DNA that is already mutated can be safely eaten, as it gets broken down into nuclitides before it enters a cell. Protein that is mutated is eliminated by decomposer proteins (forgot their name), and the only worry about mutated proteins are prions, which are very rare. I do not know if you can create a prion via microwave (they are extremely stable, so why do we not see them around? they must have a high activation energy then!), but I believe the only prions that are malicious are ones that get inside your brain.
Milikyas2 years ago
Hi .I found this article interesting and I have tried to demonstrate the project for myself as exactly stated here but I was not successful( I didn't see any diamond) I want to know why it didn't work or is it really April the fool.
amijailovic2 years ago
Interesting, no doubt. But I have, that is I know where you can find little stronger argument for making synthetic diamonds
frankiedog3 years ago
cheatthumb14 this method it known as chemical vapor deposition witch is a method converting the carbon in to plasma wich when colled will cristilize in to diamond this metod DOSE NOT require high pressure like other methods just search cvd on wikipedia
mrcrumley (author)  frankiedog3 years ago
I'll have to check out that Wikipedia article after I finish reading the "Practical Joke" entry.
dombeef4 years ago
Wow, this is really cool! I am going to try this right now, the graphite is almost done soaking, how big does it have to be? I am trying two kinds right now, 0.7 mm and 0.5mm, wish me luck!
get a file and try to file it. If the file grooves thin out then, voilà you have made the worlds hardest material. And it also files away any other graphite debris
You do realize that this ible was meant to prank the instructables community right?
mrcrumley (author)  jackjackboom3 years ago
Man years later and it's the gift that keeps on giving.
11618583 years ago
you sir are an alchemist hahaha
This is by far my favorite article I have read on this site. At the same time it only diminishes my faith in humanity. I truly applaud your wit and creativity.
mrcrumley (author)  notosalvation5 years ago
 Well, I prefer to see it as a reinforcement of humanity's eternal optimism that we'll one day make diamonds cheaply enough to build diamond cars and buildings and stuff.
Dude you are so cool!!! I love this article and I will tell all my friends about it!!
vwan3 years ago
this is all bull!!!! there are NO ways to create a synthetic diamond with household objects!!!!!!!!!
the only way to create a synthetic diamond in a few minutes, is to create an explosion soooooooooo strong the graphite will pressurize into diamond.
and that will only give you about 25 to 30 cents of diamond.
lol rofl!!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha
mbowman5 vwan3 years ago
Ah...But you can make a fake diamond in your garage...not using household items though. Im a Diffusion Engineer in the semiconductor industry. I work with LPCVD toolset.. Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition. Making diamonds uses CVD also. What you would need is to figure out whether you need the process to be under vacuum, hence the Low Pressure. Find a used CVD chamber off a used Applied Materials tool. Im sure a 2" or 4" wafer chamber size will do just fine. These are probably cheap too if you can find them since nobody uses them anymore. You'll need a gas delivery system for gases Methane and Hydrogen. A safety net too for the hydrogen since its highly flammable. So you can use an old Edwards standard vacuum pump to pump down to 10 to the -8th Torr, The chamber must be heated to 1300 degrees, figure out if C or F first. then gases need to be injected for a predetermined amount of time. Process takes 12 hours. You will most likely need a 480v outlet too since most tools run off of 480V. I've heard of people having a small fab setup in their garage. Your electric bill will skyrocket too! Dont forget you need a baby pure diamond to start with. So its feasible just not practical
mrcrumley (author)  vwan3 years ago
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you're a little late to the party: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Prank-the-Instructables-Community/
Awesome instructable! Seriously. That's amazing. A few questions/thoughts: 1. Why extra virgin olive oil? Was this just what you had available or is there something preferable about it? 2. Would a bigger piece of graphite yield a better/larger result? I know they make very thick pencil lead for certain drafting pencils. Maybe powdered graphite would work (with a dollop of oil, naturally)? 3. Any idea how to remove the scale? maybe a rock tumbler with incredibly fine grit? Again, awesome job. I can't believe how simple and ingenious this process is. I can't wait to try this out.
mrcrumley (author)  actsofsubterfuge6 years ago
Um.... I addressed a bunch of those questions in my follow-up post, "How to Prank the Instructables Community."
Wow...... really? But... I already took out a second mortgage to start my microwave-oven synthetic diamond business.... smallbusinessfail.
mrcrumley (author)  actsofsubterfuge6 years ago
You should apply for stimulus money as a carbon offset provider.
cd41 mrcrumley6 years ago
Obama would do it...
Nyxius cd414 years ago
that's what she said!
Haha, you got him good !!
SMarshall144 years ago
would it work better if you crushed the graffite up in a pessle and motor than mixed in the oil leave to soak then absorb the oil (with clothe ) then place in the path of sevral MASERs
tinker2344 years ago
wow thanks hey is it a real dimond because if it is i can be very rich just selling them
Kama Amak4 years ago
My mother just dies and i would like to crush her carbon remains into a few nice gems.
Please can any help me withthis process?
I saw on lifegems that it is areound 3000 - 250000 to do this. I can not afford this but i need to do this.
Can i do tis in my garage?
Thanks Kama
im sorry for your loss hey you know im not sure if this works
gothicbob6 years ago
99 mins 99 seconds of microwaving... your electricity bill is going to be expensive if this becomes a hobby.
Not as expensive as a real diamond:)
Medalya5 years ago
i know this was a while ago but i have to say it cause no one else did. GULLIBLE!! lol microwaves have a built in safety switch, if you pulled the microwave apart (don't do it if you ever want to have kids) it would be possible to make a diamond, but you still need pressure. :)
mrcrumley (author)  Medalya5 years ago
Yes. From what I've read (and from a lot of folks comments earlier on) PRESSURE is the big missing ingredient. Maybe if installing a vice inside the microwave would do it?
Pressure may not need muscle from 'comprehendable' sources..just a little freezing of water in a glass bottle sealed shut will pop it..who knows if there is another unknown discovery about pressure going on withing the combination of componants in the microwave alone?..Maybe being enclosed isn't exclusive..they weather is an open-air pressure story..

I used a recipe 5 or 6 years ago using charcoal brickettes and oil in the microwave and it did produce a pile a sharp little brutal chystals..I never had them checked though. But they were black and somehow I hoped they're be clear..
I did fry my old micro, but I never used it on food anyway..
wat's really funny is it is theoretically possible haha but you would need more than 5GPa At 1500 degrees C. or win the heart of a technician who makes them CVD style, and get them to tell you. ;)
dreulet4 years ago
The time to leave a comment a precious thing and this got a lot of comments. I can't believe I DID IT! Not leave a comment, make a Diamond or something that looks like one. Thanks for the Information man I really appreciate it, now I'm Rich!!!!!!
mrcrumley (author)  dreulet4 years ago
Congratulations and, you're welcome. I hope this Instructable has enriched the lives of many.
zoteman944 years ago
It can't make diamons for some reasons:
If you heat the graphite at 5000°C it should react with air to make carbon dioxide, also that temps would melt the coffe cups and if you claim that you got a lot of pressure, the cups would simply move and release what is in middle of them, or they would also broke.
The CVD isnt just ionizing carbon and letting it grow, because it should grow as graphite not diamond.
I don't want to ruin your article, but I don't want to see more people damaging their microwaves, wasting a lot of energy (and money)...
mrcrumley (author)  zoteman944 years ago
Believe me, you are not ruining this article. Pretty much everything you've stated has been pointed out in some form over the past year-and-a-half. However, You might want to read this Instructable to see how a lot of these concerns were negated.
ARJOON5 years ago
still it has too much impurities 
Yeah, i think Inteligence is one.
If intelligence is an impurity, then this must be the purest thread ever.

 I'd tie aeroplane wings together with this thread.
I'd use it as a bridge cable, but then again, it might be a bit thick for even that!
I think it has 0% resistance its that pure.
We really ought to make some never ending technology with this.
is this tread becoming a chat room???
Or is this chat room becoming a thread?
mrcrumley (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
 Well, unless the thread is 100% cotton, I don't like our chances.
 You should know, Its 100% ahhh, hmm.... umm, I'll get back to you about that.
I hate ahhh, hmm.... umm, I'll get back to you about that. threads!
Madrias3576 years ago
Though it was a prank, it brought up an idea I might have to try with a friend's half-dead microwaves. (one's an old 1200 watt with a dead control panel, the other an aging 800 watt) What if I were to put the guts of the 1200 into the 800? Would I get a monster microwave? Or a death box?
mrcrumley (author)  Madrias3576 years ago
Do you mean REPLACE the 800 with the 1200, or ADD to it? Either way, I bet the more's the merrier. Also, I like how you want to use a friend's microwave ovens. Smart.
Replacing the 800 watt with the 1200. And it's just for the fun factor of seeing if it'll work. If it blows up, he's out 2 pretty much about dead microwaves, and I'm out 5 hours of fiddling around.
i see a death box is going to happen
All I've managed to do is blow breakers. Oh well. Doomsday will have to wait until next time...
Ohhhhhhhh, but you said that LAST TIMMMME!!!

C'moon, i want my doomsday
Oh, just give me a chance.  I'll get it to work sometime...
maybe right before summer?
May I suggest making your own? Don't forget to take pictures and post here!
Darmani5 years ago
Did somebody really believed this????....
mrcrumley (author)  Darmani5 years ago
From the comments, I'd say, "yes." But of course, they could just be pranking me. Lies within lies
rabman15 years ago

I think you would be better off and SAFER (well maybe not safer) using a Thermite reaction to generate the heat (5000 degrees).  You can make the fake diamonds faster and in bigger quantities.  Use clay pots that are used for plants as your crucibles.  For the pressure, put it all in a scuba tank and pressure it up (3000 psi).  If that doesn't make diamonds better than nature, nothing will! 

PS -  the patent is pending!

mrcrumley (author)  rabman15 years ago
 You're right. That sounds safe enough. I bet juggling chainsaws would somehow help too.

Na na, you've got it all wrong. Juggling chainsaws is step 3, step 2 is the hospital. Mind you step 1 is time travel amoung other april fools day worthy articles.

None are so worthy as this.
 No-one could even hope to get this many people this bad.
And then keep getting them!
Won't the thermite destroy the tank and have a blast of air from the scuba tank?
I have seen an easier way to make diamonds.
All you need is some coal and a really strong person.
Give them the coal and get them to press it between their hands and in a couple of minutes, BAM, you have a diamond.
Hey, I saw it in a movie on tv so it must be right!!
mrcrumley (author)  samson41thermal5 years ago
 "Easier"? I saw the same movie and frankly, trying my method's more palatable than sitting through 2 hours of Richard Prior, Robert Vaughn, and one VERY drunk Superman.
maybe a roundhouse kick from chuck norris should do it?
We want to create it, no shatter it!
What's harder than diamonds? A roundhouse from Chuck Norris!
 Why do I fear that the children of the distant future, space again time of 2004 (When robots ruled the galaxy -Original Transformers movie) they'll be teaching that in schools =J
mrcrumley (author)  Lance Mt.5 years ago
 I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.
Do they take us as pets and care for us, or kill us all?
no to bring up bad news but...
anybody who tried this erradiated themselfs with dence microwaves
mrcrumley (author)  rangerjoseph5 years ago
 only if they chose the wrong 'doneness' setting.
the only moist un-dence chemical in the micro wave is the canola oil which would quickly evaporate or burn
everything else is dense enough that it would reflect the radiatin
then energy would go back and forth until it met an un-dence object...
mrcrumley (author)  rangerjoseph5 years ago
If I understand you correctly, you're saying the average Instructables reader isn't dense enough for this project... debatable.
You, sir, are a very funny man.
*The next day *

How to Make a Synthetic Kryptonite
mrcrumley (author)  Lance Mt.5 years ago
 All I remember is you have to use A LOT of tar.
Well you see, that's easy!

Find some Krypton, and burn it with magnesium, which produces a very high temperature. The more the better. I would say a tonne or so.

To make sure you did it right, find Superman and poke him with it.


Can you usepencil lead from wooden pencils? and if I do, what's the best kind? like 2B or HB?
mrcrumley (author)  brooklynlord5 years ago
 It's been a little while, so I can't remember exactly. I do remember that the product code on the box of lead what something like "FA-KE-PR0-JECT."
What i mean is that the pencil lead from wooden pencils are thicker in size, which in my opinion should make a bigger diamond.

Oh well. Migh as well get som graphite powder.
What he's trying to say is that this does not work and he was only doing it for April Fools'.
Best part? It's true.
Beh -.-
Pumpkin$5 years ago
I was already laughing at the graphite+Olive oil step. Bravo!
Or you crumple a ball of aluminum foil around said pieces of graphite and pop that in the microwave
mrcrumley (author)  killersquirel115 years ago
 Yes... and throw in a cherry bomb for good measure.
I liked!
I will try in my microwaves...

this stupid joke defeats the purpose of this website. you should be banned. maybe your intention was for humor, but if i run the risk of breaking my microwave because i believe this post, the integrity of this website suffers. LAME.
mrcrumley (author)  Andrew Heine6 years ago
Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, here are your arguments: that this instructable is "lame" because 1. of the risk of damage to the microwave; and 2. because it intentionally misleads.

Your first argument is weak. Search for "microwave" and this instructable is probably in the mid-range of risk (to both personal and property) that you'll find (home-built arc-welders, anyone?. The 2nd argument has more merit, but I accounted for it by doing two things: I released the post on April Fools Day and I admitted to, and explained the prank the next day (once April Fools was over).

If you have philosophical issues with how the site is being used by others, please contact the site Admins. Please don’t pollute this comment area with off-topic, pseudo- philosophical debate.
the joke was GRATE!!!!!! if Richie15 has a bur over it then it is not of your making! It is not you that is responsible for his hummer or lack of knowledge about diamonds 
WOOT! go mrcrumley your totaly awsome!
Or maybe you should just try some critical thinking... Nowhere in the article did he say "this is completely safe" so even assuming it were true, wouldn't it strike you as dangerous to have 1000s of degrees of molten graphite in your kitchen?
By the way, I probably would've fallen for it had I not read the "How to Prank..." one first! :)
Fred826645 years ago
during the last few months of my second mirage my wife at the time her complaint was she did not have a big diamond to show off. we lived in a old house that at one time had a coal burning furness as I was running new water pipe to the newly remodeled kitchen I found a lard hunk of coal. I heard all I wanted to hear that day about diamonds so I took this coal top side and told her to stick this up her @$$ and hold it there a few years she will get her big diamond. she heaved it at me outside of the court house when we went to the hearing for the devoice.
mrcrumley (author)  Fred826645 years ago
The divorce ending to that story is kinda sad. You two seemed like the perfect couple.
Yes I do miss her ,,,,but my aim is getting better every day 
Crakur5 years ago
I heard you can also make a diamond with money and a jewelry store...
mrcrumley (author)  Crakur5 years ago
 Sorry, but until I see an instructable on that, I'm gonna assume you're pulling my leg. :)
 Hahaha I love the wording on the microwave - 'Doneness'
I know that this was a fake 'ible, but there is real promise in the idea of using a microwave magnetron to create a synthetic diamond. You would need to do some serious altering, make a thick lead box, mount a stainless carbon steel vice in this new lead box, increase the power output of the magnetron to about 3kw.

When something like this is running, the focused microwave radiation will create temps around 4000f degrees thanks to the heat retention abilities of the steel vice pressing on the carbon ingot. Let this run for ten days straight and shut the unit down. Wait about five hours for the unit to completely cool off, then check the end product.

*Patent pending on the unit, btw*
mrcrumley (author)  MillenniumMan5 years ago
 No way my wife let's me do that with our microwave. :)
peajae20005 years ago
Ah hahhahaha!
I just joined in Instructables and was looking for a crafty way to fulfill my 5 yr old niece's desire for diamonds. I feel silly.
mrcrumley (author)  peajae20005 years ago
You still could, depending on your time-frame. Wait million years or so, and you might get a diamond.
prada-shoes5 years ago
if only I could turn this into a jewelery lol
itsthatsguy5 years ago
Ya, i debunk'd this rather fast, youd need more like 1500C and alto of pressure (whoch wasn;t included at all )lol good joke though.
ReCreate5 years ago
Hey, this got on mythbusters! :O
mrcrumley (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
Yeah. See, if they had just asked me I coulda’ told them the secret’s in the olive oil.
thesinner5 years ago
You should have checked the phone book for a local analytical lab. XRD scans will tell you straight up what's in it. My guess is that it's simply bulk carbon left over from your burning olive oil. The probability of any of that carbon to be in the diamond allotrope is only slightly better than a lattice in the pencil lead you've started with. Also note that pencil lead is not pure graphite and is primarily made from clay.
mrcrumley (author)  thesinner5 years ago
Um... you might want to read more of the comments I made - particularly the ones on the last page of this instructable. But thanks for the advice. Although, in this case, an analytical lab isn't really what I'd need. Do they have things called spurious labs?
freakinslop5 years ago
lol well played
walfers15 years ago
this would work just as good a a 500 pound bomb hitting a piece of coal lol
chewy39395 years ago
This is cool and all but does it really work I men pencil lead and oil come on
mrcrumley (author)  chewy39395 years ago
By "does it really work" do you mean, "remain oil and pencil lead?" If so, then "yes."
ianherbert16 years ago
didnt work broke microwave
mrcrumley (author)  ianherbert16 years ago
Oh, no! Another person fake-broke their non-existent microwave NOT replicating this fake diamond making process.
jdc4aub476 years ago
You got me good. I was thinking about doing this for a science fair project and was about to try to get some more info when i saw april fools joke and i went from thinking i was going to have the coolest project to wow how did i ever believe this. It would take a considerable more amount of pressure to create a diamond than microwaves heat would create.
mrcrumley (author)  jdc4aub476 years ago
Sadly yes, it was a joke. I guess it's time for a diet-coke-and-mentos-volcano for your science fair.
drewp846 years ago
Why not use black mugs? Wouldn't they get hot faster?
black only gets hotter than white under light..
microwaves are a type of light that is beyond recognition of human ocular receptors. However, you are partially correct in that using black mugs shouldn't really do anything different, as black doesn't mean that something is more conductive to heat, but rather that it absorbs more colors of light, which when dealing with microwaves, color doesn't really come up. Water, fats, and sugars, on the other hand, do. This is probably why the oil is needed, more than anything else, as pure graphite would not heat whatsoever in a microwave oven on its own (and with minor impurities and other various particles from your skin or the air, it might heat up, but not nearly hot enough for something like this). However, with the crucible, though I'm not sure porcelain or ceramic mugs would really do the trick here... I'd have to see it myself to believe it (sparks in a microwave usually means "METAL!!!" and considering this is carbon... and it's supposed to be in a crucible... again, I'd have to see this to believe it.
Hm. Well we know this is an april fool joke but graphite is electroconductive so it's feasible that the graphite itself would also spark under microwave
mrcrumley (author)  drewp846 years ago
I prefer the Today Show mug. That way, it gets hot "today".
soo many ppl think this works... i lold hard
mrcrumley (author)  XkidXhavocX6 years ago
Yeah... It's generated interesting discussion. Some of the things I've observed:

We all want this to work (some desperately so). I guess I really did pick an appealing topic.

Microwaves are VERY mysterious - no wonder, since we grew up hearing myths like "they cook from the inside-out", and "the food keeps cooking for 5 minutes afterwards." If they can do all that, surly they can make diamonds, right?

People can easily confuse theory with practice. A lot of folks have argued that this could work. Well, "yes" it's possible to make synthetic diamonds... but "no" this is not the right way.

The aspect of the prank people found most suspicious was 100% true - running a microwave by entering 99 minutes, 99 seconds. Any doubters should go to their microwaves right now, enter "99.99" and press "start". It will work, trust me.
Sarah866 years ago
Sorry, but I hadn't been foolled. It's true that diamond ae ade from carbon, but this take lot of time, lot of heat, and lot of pressure; you only got one.
mrcrumley (author)  Sarah866 years ago
That's OK. You should never apologize for NOT being duped. I consider it a testament to human idealism that so many wanted to believe microwaveable diamonds were real.
teslafan1006 years ago
that's not funny you probably ruined someones microwave
mrcrumley (author)  teslafan1006 years ago
So you're implying, if no microwaves were ruined, it IS funny? I can live with that.
ARGH!!! i only found out it was a prank when i got through the whole instructable :( way to get my hopes up only to crush them.
mrcrumley (author)  MisterHankie6 years ago
look at it this way: for a few minutes, you lived in a wonderful world where at-home diamond production was real. And later in life, when troubles strike, think back on that happy time and dream of what might have been.
axist476 years ago
You put it in for the whole time?
mrcrumley (author)  axist476 years ago
Well, there's no "graphite/ diamond" setting, so I had to wing it.
wait- so you ACTUALLY did the steps, just made up the part about the diamond?
mrcrumley (author)  AJBrawlLvr6 years ago
Yes. I had to set up for all the photos. Although, I will admit to shutting off the microwave after about 3 seconds. The sparking scared me.
wombat126 years ago
if u make the oil go onto more of the thred would it make the fake dimond bigger? that was coool
wombat126 years ago
My microwave Blew Up :-/
mrcrumley (author)  MozonTheGreat6 years ago
"Blew up"... Like, in size? OK. Well, congratulations on your new, larger microwave!
xilefakamot6 years ago
I feel AMAZINGLY gullible right now... Then again I'll believe anything. The embarrassing thing was that I told everyone about this before I saw it was an April Fool's! It was a good laugh though (at my expense).
mrcrumley (author)  xilefakamot6 years ago
Wow, that's a shame. Um... on the bright side, you could always try to discover a way to ACTUALLY make diamonds in the microwave before April Fool's Day next year (a bunch of folks insist it's possible, even after finding out it was a prank). Then, you'd have the last laugh.
{{feels stupid that I know so little about the chemical composition of synthetic diamonds that I actually thought it could be done.}} Then again, I feel the same way every time I see one of those LED contraptions people are making--and I did two years of Navy Electronics School (tho not 2M, sadly)!! This is what I get for being a psych/sociology double major in college. I'm not only gullible, I feel compelled to admit it publicly!!!
maybe your next post should be how to make expenvise pencil lead out of diamond.
froggyman6 years ago
hey, i just tried this with my microwave, and i am positive that i followed all of your instructions precisely but after like 50 minutes my microwave just stoped working and then smoked. Now, all i have is some melted graphite with out any traces of a diamond like piece/particle along with a broken microwave. Do you have any idea what i did wrong, i mean i did use the 100% cotton thread (which wasnt cheap) and the extravirgin olive oil PLEASE HELP
mrcrumley (author)  froggyman6 years ago
"...just stoped working and then smoked." I think the problem is you've got one of those dirty, hippie microwaves
tcase mrcrumley6 years ago
Im not going to say this isnt funny, but, this is the first time Ive read it, and someone actually tried this... destroyed their microwave, and spent money they may have not had, in hopes to make a diamond. Now, I would say you owe someone a new microwave.... lol... Next time, you may want to add, " Please do not try this at home.", Or, "This instructable is so complicated, please contact me before ever attempting.", this way you can say, hey, its a joke, dont do it and destroy your stuff.... BY THE WAY, GREAT INSTRUCTABLE ! THUMBS UP ! !
mrcrumley (author)  tcase6 years ago
Umm... You do realize that your belief that froggyman ruined his microwave is solely based on his CLAIMING it burned up. Be careful, you might be the subject of his future April Fools instructable, "How I tricked a guy into thinking I blew up my microwave."
if you dont believe that my microwave got totaled I took a picture for you

yes i did do this outside, because i was aware that something *might* go wrong, fortuanatley nobody got hurt

I guess the pressurizing wasnt the greatest idea.... kinda regret attempting this
microwave fire.jpg
tcase froggyman6 years ago
Well, technically speaking, when you read something on the internet, you should be skeptical anyhow. I would have bought a used microwave before attempting this in the first place. My wife would have killed me even if it did work. My father in law and I were going to try it ourselves, and the idea of cleaing the one we use for coffee, and heating things up, just didnt sound like fun.... ( my wife likes it when we clean something, and we didnt want that to happen, didnt want her to think we would do it all the time...lol), sorry bout your micro dude, but from now on, if something calls for something you use all the time, try to get another used one to use, then try it...
kirnex tcase6 years ago
Orrrrr...use your neighbor's. I've got one who's got it coming....
This picture dosent make any sense, Why is the door gone, why is there a window frame underneath it, why did you take the step to put the microwave out side without moving those dry leaves, and why is this same picture on google.
well if you read the other comments you might understand a bit better...
tcase froggyman6 years ago
lol...yea, its called well, we will just leave it with intelligence...lol
mrcrumley (author)  froggyman6 years ago
No offense, but I'm still skeptical. Remember, I have photos showing how I made a "diamond".

Also, the fire department in West Seattle might want to talk to you about a house fire your microwave might have been involved in,
LOL, yeah you caught me... and were right about being skeptical question for you though: How on earth did you find that picture? I even made sure to clear all tags from it after I downloaded it, to re upload it. You were actaully right in the first to think that I didnt actually attempt this and now I will have to make that instructable about How i (almost) tricked a guy into thinking I blew up my microwave In other words, all of what I said was made up, and I just wanted to see how many people I could get into believing me (unfortuantly it wasnt many) but, after all it was an April Fools instructables.
mrcrumley (author)  froggyman6 years ago
The internet and I are like "this." We talk a lot.
seriuosly though? how on earth did you that picture? do you know of a reverse picture search engine or what? or do you live in west seatle and have seen that picture before?
mrcrumley (author)  froggyman6 years ago
I did an image search on "microwave" "burn"; found it on page 10.
tcase froggyman6 years ago
Well, some people seam to just know these things......Maybe its called just being skeptical, like mrcrumley said...... everything comes around in the end, even if they were sure the picture was on the net or not....lol
tcase froggyman6 years ago
lol.... kills me I will never trust anyone again....lol
Im going to go talk to my wife about our microwave......
tcase mrcrumley6 years ago
lol, Im actually sure the're could be a way to do it, but technology hasnt reached it yet.. as long as your microwave could produce some sort of pressure like a pressure cooker, and go from their, it may be possible. If you could combine a pressure cooker, and a microwave, ?? could it be possible???... now, you need to quit, my wife has enough lil projects around the house that is just laying there from things Ive tried from instructables...lol
tcase mrcrumley6 years ago
lol, Ok, we can leave it at that.... lol I think what I like the most about yours, was it was simple, enlightening, and enjoyable. You even did your research. But the only problem is, you have to have a high pressure, high temperature press to create a synthetic diamond. and there are 2 ways of doing it. one is chemical, which uses micro-waves, and the other I cant remember right now. I had to search it up myself just to make sure...lol.. You got me and my father in law on this too until I read more. My father in law wanted to go out and buy a couple micro-waves so we didnt mess up my wifes....lol.. I havent told him yet that it was joke, maybe I will ride it out for awhile.....lol
froggyman tcase6 years ago
yeah i modded my microwave a bit to take in for the fact that it needs pressure to actually form the diamond(i thought the author just forgot to put that step in) What i did was seal it to make sure it was air tight, then i added a house to the inside that had one of those plugs to be connected to an air compressor, after that i realized that i would want to get a pressure valve in there so i could see what the pressure was. After that i got the setup put in the microwave, double and triple checked to make sure the air leaks were minimal/non existant. Then i hooked it up to my air compressor and turned on the microwave. The pressure maxed at around 300 psi. as that is as much pressure as my air compressor can output. This was also a brand new microwave(1700 watt one to be sure it would be able to get to high enough temperatures and I didnt want to cheap out on the it), so i dont think it would one of those "dirty hippy microwaves.
Well what gave it away for me was graphite to diamond, because if you super heat diamonds they turn into graphite.
Plasmana6 years ago
Some of the missing 480W went into the fan and the turntable motor...
mrcrumley (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
... and the government eavesdropping equipment? Don't forget that.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that, I had also heard reports that they are spy transmitters found in electronics like VCR's, stereos, computers, ect. So watch out people!

I need to make a transmitter senor... -_-
I am soooo gulable and was soooooo disappointed that this was a joke. I truly thought I would be abe to make a synthetic diamond. I carefully followed your instructable. I never grasped the world of science or math (alas) so I never caught on that this was a joke- sigh I can however teach you how to make some cool balloon animals :0)
mrcrumley (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
Do they involve microwaves? 'Cause that would open up a whole new "species" of balloon animals.
Lol! ;0) What about some kind of an LED embedded balloon creature-Ruldolph's nose per say? LOL
i knew i should have patented this when i had the chance. Damn you Mr.Crumley
bowmaster6 years ago
The missing 480 watts goes to power the computer.
mrcrumley (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
That's just what government wants us to believe. I think the truth is much more sinister.
It goes to power the mind control wave generator.
mrcrumley (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
Now, THAT is much more plausible.
I took apart a microwave and extracted the mind control wave generator and hooked it up to my computer. I am currently writing a bit (read: tons) of code so I can use it.
XOIIO6 years ago
best april fools joke i have seen
I guess a dirty microwave could introduce impurities. ;)
mrcrumley (author)  itsalladream6 years ago
Yes. But the main advantage to a clean one is that your wife will have less objections.
markvid6 years ago
the missing 480W is wasted because you can never have a 100% efficiency. ;-)
cd41 markvid6 years ago
How sad, if only we did, then the electricity company would get my money
PinkFloyd6 years ago
HEY! Mr.Diamond I did that project four times and it didn't WORK! all i made was carbon fiber like substance it was a total waste of my time.
Wait a minnit... Did you say "carbon fiber"? Hmmmm...
mrcrumley (author)  PinkFloyd6 years ago
No, no, no. Don't ever say education is a waste of time. Even if you didn't get the results you were expecting, it wasn't a waste. You just need to apply what you DID make to some useful purpose.
flaresam6 years ago
well done, well done.
modernman6 years ago
Anyone who watched too much tv in the 80s knows the real way to make diamonds is a waffle iron, charcoal and oil of olay
jtmax246 years ago
Wow, great instructable. After i made my diamond everyone wanted to know where I got it. I'm planning on making a pair of earring next. Thanx
Oh my God this actually reads like a real Instructable until step 8.
mrcrumley (author)  DuctTapeRules!6 years ago
Now see, this is interesting. A lot of people seem to have trouble believing that my microwave could be set to 99 minutes, 99 seconds. But that part's 100% real! Someone needs to do an instructable demonstrating how most microwaves work with 2-digit time amounts greater than 60.
Well, if it's not a diamond...wth IS it? A rock???
mrcrumley (author)  PatentPending6 years ago
The "diamond" is a speck of burnt pizza crust.
rrmarlowe6 years ago
any reason this couldn't be done in an oven? and any recommendations on temp/time if i were to use an oven instead of a microwave?
I don't think your over can create the over 1000 degree environment needed.
dude thats freakin ingenious your awesome
My microwave is broken now because I set it for 99:99! (April fools!)
fozzy136 years ago
THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS PRANK!!?!?!??!?!!! I'm pretty upset right now, I was going to try this, or at least the principle of heating it up and cooling it really fast.. :P
Doesn't matter if it was a prank, I'm going to do this anyway(only I'll make it work somehow...)
mrcrumley (author)  Magnelectrostatic6 years ago
That's the spirit!
Heh, thanks.
Tuizner6 years ago
I did something similar to make a diamond abrasive wheel for a grinder. This is a very good use for the small diamonds that are generated from this process. Simply take a carbon fibre (graphite fiber in the US?) fabric (as typically used in the composites industry) soaked in lard or other animal fat and place onto your grinder wheel where you would like the diamond coating. I used lard because it can tolerate higher temperatures than vegetable oil like olive oil. The carbon fabric I used was a thin piece of 12k twill weave fabric - this isnt so important but you must ensure that it is PAN-based rather than pitch (I tried pitch based carbon but for some reason it didn't work - no idea why?). Again the whole lot went into a microwave (mine was 1200W) on full power for one hour ensuring that the piece is covered (I used a Pyrex bowl). After an hour, there is a fair bit of smoke so best do this in the garage. On examination, the grinding wheel is covered in black ash. However if you scrub this off you will see (and certainly feel) that underneath the ash, small diamond pieces have been formed and melded to the grinder wheel. It isn't pretty but it sure works a treat and saves a good £50 too! Bargain!
Deathcapt6 years ago
If you nuked it for longer or repeated the process over and over could you culture a larger stone?
mrcrumley (author)  Deathcapt6 years ago
Maybe. As the mass increases, the heat dissipation increases too (exponentially, I'd guess). But. if you had a big, powerful microwave (or perhaps a frankensteined, multi-magnetron, super-dangerous one) you'd probably get better results than I did with my little Kenmore. Just don't give yourself cancer.
There was a link on Digg yesterday about a company that makes light bulbs that are basically some halides in a vacuum tube that is surrounded by a microwave generator. Basically the same principle, they use microwaves to make plasma, but use it as an ultra efficient high intensity lighting source instead of forming synthetic diamonds. I bet if you had your carbon in a vacuum you could get it to work a lot better. But that would increase the cost exponentially for what would still probably a relatively worthless diamond. Apparantly these can be produced en mass via giant pressing / squeezing machines. They use them to make diamond covered sand paper as the diamonds are tiny, and of terrible clarity/shape/ color.
Good try, an offshoot try, but I loved the way you tried the home made way, successful or not but good post.
Thats what i was thinking. or if you buy some powdered graphite lubricant that fisherman use you could cut out the binding agent of the pieces of lead and have less impurities
mrcrumley (author)  alexd6196 years ago
I'll have to check the light bulb article out. I did wonder what effects xrays would have - so much that I even entertained building a DIY xray emitter. Apparently, peeling adhesive tape in a vacuum releases xrays, and I wondered if I could fabricate something that would do that. But in the end, I opted for the microwave instead.
mrcrumley (author)  alexd6196 years ago
Nice article.
Well played sir, jokes on me I guess.
As mass increases, surface area decreases, so heat dissipation is less.
how is that even possible?
No, I'm not creating black holes, I forgot the 'per unit' in there.
and maybe you also mean density? and not mass?
no, mass is how much of it there is, density is just how solid it is. density would not mean it has more surface area, but mass does.
Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Which comes in a larger box? Which box has more surface area?
Density is in fact inversely proportional to the rare faction in the option. Density can be expressed as mass/volume. As per the heat dissipation thing, it's kind of a mute point, assuming this in fact is vaporising graphite, the surface area of the "diamond" wouldn't make a different. Heat exchange is based more on temperature difference than surface area, and assuming there's no airflow, then the air inside the crucible would quickly rise to the same temperature of the plasma, and the only thing really dissipating heat would be the mugs. The real thing we should be looking at is that this is a joke.
option = object*
okay, well when there is more mass, there is always more surface area (if the object is in a solid form, and not in granules)
mrcrumley (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Alex is right, but I think jtobako caught his own mistake when he added the 'per unit' qualifier. His ( jtobako ) point was that as mass increases, the heat can't exit the material as fast because the increase in mass outstrips the increase in surface area (assuming the shape generally stays the same).
but the more mass the diamond has, the more magnetic waves it can absorb
scratchr6 years ago
you got me!
mrcrumley (author) 6 years ago
I addressed a bunch of these sorts of questions in my follow-up post, "How to Prank the Instructables Community."
well done. very convincing
I tried it and one of my cups shattered... However, my roommate, who's in biochemistry, was helping me out; he thought it would work too...
mrcrumley (author)  Grind_Drummer6 years ago
Next time, try using an official Today Show mug.
Derin6 years ago
You got me tricked,sir.Once voting begins-+1.
imfat1236 years ago
its like the saying turning lead into gold except its diamond
not entirely, turning lead into gold is really difficult (not impossible) because they are two different elements. But graphite into diamond is far more plausible as they are both made from carbon atoms, just with different structures.
tekija6 years ago
Very nice one. When I read the caption I thoght what kind of an industrial devices this guy has he hands on. Seeing the microwave and olive oil part was funny one. I have done my science classes, but pretty good one cause many people seemed to faal for that.
Jaycub6 years ago
So this doesn't realy work?
mrcrumley (author)  Jaycub6 years ago
Well, let's just say, it yielded a "genuine" diamond... or at the very least, a lump of carbon that, given enough time, heat, and pressure could one day turn into a real diamond.
JerBear6 years ago
wait, so was this instructable an april fool's prank in itself, or was your comment a prank?
mrcrumley (author)  JerBear6 years ago
Wow, now there's an interesting idea. Write a real instructable and claim it couldn't work... nice. I'll have to think about that one.
bwpatton16 years ago
I do remember something about using charcoal...........
mg0930mg6 years ago
I think I'll just move your comment down - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - LOL! Good job! You had me!
PKM6 years ago
I haven't found any of the other websites you mention describing this technique- could you provide links? Around this time of year I maintain a healthy skepticism of unusual claims like this one ;) I mean... 99 seconds? Really? Is your microwave that stupid?
chaosrob PKM6 years ago
I regularly use 88 seconds and I know that MY microwave isn't that stupid. It's smarter the GW Bush! :-p
If it's smarter than Bush, then it's DEFINITELY smarter than you! Lol : P
"I mean... 99 seconds? Really? Is your microwave that stupid?" Well mine certainly is, and it's pretty new, too.
mrcrumley (author)  PKM6 years ago
Well, my microwave doesn't have an hours setting but I found that I can get it to cook longer by entering a minute total larger than 60.

I found the links from an article about the science guy at popsci.com who used a microwave to melt metal for casting. I think this was the site:
I'd like to see someone do a cone firing in a microwave. http://www.evenheat-kiln.com/technical/pyrochart/pyrochart.htm Just to see how hot it really got in there. I would never try this, but I'm fascinated that you were able to run your micro so long and get this result. You should get one of those USB microscope digital cameras http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/ada2/ and takes some shots of your diamond. I really want to see it!

jtobako foobear6 years ago
There are/were little kilns that you put in the microwave. They had a silicon carbide? layer around the perimeter that would heat up and enough insulation to fire small pieces or fuse/slump glass.
Wow, That looks pretty cool, Bravo!
mdog936 years ago
could you not just crush the graphite and put it in a confined little pot inside the crucible would that work better, just guessing things that might help make it bigger. and as Arghblarg said could you used the lead out of battteries to make biggens? mdog
mrcrumley (author)  mdog936 years ago
Well, I thought about that. But, I don't have access to a kiln. In theory the larger the amount of graphite, the more heat that would dissipate. So, you'd want as tight-fitting a crucible as possible. However, I'd also be worried that the reaction of the oil and graphite binder could produce gases that would need to vent (preferably, non-explosively).
thats all a bit complicated for me :S lol
Aw. You got me. (Now I'm going to have to come up with a better idea for my anniversary on the 6th.)
Moved this>>>

Nice project. I am not sure I would put it in the "diamond" category but definitely a keepsake / "symbol of love" winner.

Awhile back I was trying to understand how diamonds are formed and did some patent searches. The way I remember it there were two main systems one was developed in Russia the other in north east US. There was also a good wired article that some of you may be interested in. I got a little scarred at the thought of cracking methane in a pressurized chamber.


I don't understand it, but it talks about making diamonds under relatively benign temperatures and also mentions a microwave oven in passing.
Can you make a couple drops of oil and put pieces of graphite in it and cook it that way and make a bigger diamond? Favorited and 5/5 stars!
mrcrumley (author)  fireblast_12126 years ago
I Spy: Harbor Freight Epoxy
mrcrumley (author)  sensoryhouse6 years ago
Yes. Also, the washer came from a set of pop rivets I got at Harbor Freight as well. What a wonderful store!
jtobako6 years ago
I call BS.
jtobako jtobako6 years ago
Several reasons.

The original GE scientists found that graphite was the worst thing to start with-the bonds were too strong within the crystals (but weak between crystal layers, that's why graphite is slippery). Peanut butter is one of the current choices for carbon in diamond synthesis.

Diamonds don't always fluoresce, and the ones that do fluoresce in a variety of color as do many other materials, so that isn't a test that a jeweler would use.

Oil isn't going to 'bond' with the binder, which happens to be clayin most pencils. The different spot in the graphite was probably the clay sintering. The reason the rest of the lead didn't is that the lead doesn't absorb microwaves, but that the oil would-if only to the point that the graphite or clay would (silicon carbide doesn't absorb microwaves until it reaches about 500 F-then it does and gets hotter).

'Vapor deposition' diamonds are laid down in micrometers per hour at near-vacuum pressures.
foobear jtobako6 years ago
D'oh! Methinks I am an April Fool.
rworoch6 years ago
Just for a lark...
What if you utilised this method and somehow managed to focus the plasma from the grape onto the graphite or peanut butter (see above) to intensify this process.
Just a thought...
idogis16 years ago
I have to say, after the image of that rock at the beginning, the end result was kinda anti climactic.
mrcrumley (author)  idogis16 years ago
True, true. But really, isn't that the case with most instructables?
Nice project. I am not sure I would put it in the "diamond" category but definitely a keepsake / "symbol of love" winner.

Awhile back I was trying to understand how diamonds are formed and did some patent searches. The way I remember it there were two main systems one was developed in Russia the other in north east US. There was also a good wired article that some of you may be interested in. I got a little scarred at the thought of cracking methane in a pressurized chamber.

sonaps6 years ago
Amperage and wattage are inversly proportional through converters, so it likely is due to the level of amperage needed to create the wave. Also, nothing's completely efficient.
what it you soaked alot of pencil lead in olive oil then tied it together and microwaved it? would you get alot of small dimonds? or a couple big chunks that are hopefully big enough to cut and small ones?
Okay - I'm trying to get a sense of scale here. What is the size of the washer shown in step 10?
mrcrumley (author)  flintstonestargazing6 years ago
Um, I think it's an 1/8th of an inch, maybe. It's the smallest one I could find. I think it came from a set of pop rivets.
mrcrumley (author)  mrcrumley6 years ago
1/8 th inch refers to the inner diameter.
"But when she saw that it involved our microwave, her response was, 'please don't burn the house down.' " I am almost sure that my wife has said something similar to this.
yours too?
mrcrumley (author)  Spookiefish6 years ago
Yes, and her reaction to the clean microwave was nice too.
would you be able to make more than one diamond if you put all of the graphite in the oil?
rimar20006 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS! I have ten million dollars to invest in your diamond factory. Do you think it will be sufficient?
mrcrumley (author)  rimar20006 years ago
Oh definitely. Would you be willing to except deferred compensation on your investment?
I was calculating that at the rate of one microwave oven by one 2 mg diamond, I do not know if that's convenient ... So, better not to for now. ;)
lemonie6 years ago
I knew a carbon-chemistry group, they had a couple of graphite-arc devices for making soot. From this they'd extract Buckminsterfullerenes and such. Can you explain how the product was tested? L
mattolsend6 years ago
You could just pour the epoxy, into a diamond shaped mold, and get something more aesthetically pleasing.
mrcrumley (author)  mattolsend6 years ago
Mattolsend, Mattolsend, Mattolsend... Science isn't about aesthetics. If I wanted cuteness, I'd have gone out and bought something like this: http://ww12.1800flowers.com/product.do?baseCode=24645&cm_mmc=merc_datafeed-_-product-_-24645&mr:referralID=b2985d77-1ee1-11de-a8aa-000423bb4e95&mr:trackingCode=NA&bannerBeacon=true
Notbob6 years ago
In theory, if you used a large chunk of graphite, and had a kiln, you could make a much larger diamond?
cfishy6 years ago
This is so cool! Is your woman impressed?
if you only need 1200 degrees, a firing kiln may be more appropriate for this method
Arghblarg6 years ago
One could obtain much larger graphite rods for 'free' from any spent AAA or AA battery (mercury free nowadays hopefully, but I'd use gloves just in case). Could a much bigger diamond be made using such rods? Assuming this isn't an April fools' joke :)
DainiusGB6 years ago
is the diamond in the first picture the one you made? if it is than that is epic cool!!
mrcrumley (author)  DainiusGB6 years ago
Unfortunately, the first picture is NOT my diamond. If it were, I'd definitely be the King of Fuh.
capricorn6 years ago
Mate, this must be the coolest thing I saw in a while, I'm definitely going to try it soon. That said, if i EVER find out it was an April fool and nuke my microwave, I'm so gonna find you and slapbet you :))
Go to a thrift store and you can probably buy a used microwave for about $5 and not have to risk your good microwave.
omnibot6 years ago
That is one heck of a party-trick.
fegundez16 years ago
how about using graphite from the auto parts store?It wouldn't have the same binders as the pencil lead.
mrcrumley (author)  fegundez16 years ago
Perhaps. I have a friend who's into Scouting. I considered asking if he had any graphite lubricant (used for pinewood derby wheels) I could borrow.
Transquesta6 years ago
So I'm thinking. . .if you had a microwave with twice as much a**, and you bundled a couple of pieces of graphite and jabbed them through an oil soaked cotton ball. . . You might end up with a nuked nuker, two broken coffee mugs, a bigger blob of something which resembled a cross between a cigarette ash and a diamond, and a really, REALLY PO'ed wife. :-) No, seriously, this IS cool, I'm just searching restlessly for a practical application.
dschwant6 years ago
My anniversary is also 4/1, like yours! A very fitting Instructable.
mrcrumley (author)  dschwant6 years ago
Yeah. Since diamond is April's birthstone, I thought it would be fitting.
animes256 years ago
this is great, but I think microwave ovens shouldnt be used for that long time with nothing inside or even with food inside, I dont think that those ovens are made to work for long periods
reedz6 years ago
That is really neat, I cannot imagine your electricity bill... Does your microwave seriously have a setting for "doneness"?
CameronSS reedz6 years ago
Well, assuming that it's a 1100-watt microwave, as most are, 1.1kW x 1.6775hrs is 1.84525 kWh. The average cost per kWh in the US is 10.99 cents, so it's a little over 20 cents per diamond. Add in another penny for graphite pencil lead, which is always overpriced, and you still have a diamond for less than a quarter.

Question for mrcrumley: would a lower-number lead work better, e.g., No.1 instead of No. 2? It seems that a softer lead with less binder would end up with less slag in the end.
mrcrumley (author)  reedz6 years ago
Yes, it does. What will the fine folks at Kenmore think of next?
SinAmos6 years ago
Hilarious! You can set your microwave to diamond by the way. It is in between popcorn and pizza. ;)
how about a macro image of the final product?
Cool project! BTW I have a "Today" Show cup just like yours - from the first time I went to NY City.
I hope you have a backup plan for your anniversary.
Nice. I saw some guys do something like this on an English TV show a while back. Cool Instructable.