Picture of How to Make a TF2 Bonk Boy Mask

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Cintra PVC foamboard(3mm thick)

- Paper Clay(not pictured)

- Hot glue gun

- Metallic paint (I used Folk Art Metallic Bright Red, Folk Art Metallic Silver Sterling, and Folk Art Metallic Inca Gold)

- Sand paper (Medium)

- X-acto blade

- Scrap paper and board

- Cheap plain mask or mold (Optional - I found it made shaping the cintra MUCH easier)

- Elastic band

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Step 1: The Pattern

Picture of The Pattern
Draw out your main mask piece on paper. Make it long enough to cover your ears. Make perfect circles where your ears will be. Fold and then cut for symmetry.

Trace it out on the cintra.  Also draw out 8 larger circles(same size as the ends of your main mask piece) and 4 smaller circles. Cut everything out with the x-acto blade.

Step 2: Circles

Picture of Circles
Glue 4 large circles together like so. Do the same with the other 4. Save for later. Now glue 2 small circles together, and again with the other 2. Smear paper clay along the ends of all your circle stacks to hide the lines. Let dry.

Sand down your paper clay until your stacks each look like one, smooth, mechanical piece. Glue small stacks into centers of large stacks.

Step 3: Main Piece

Picture of Main Piece

Boil your main mask piece. This part can be tricky. Hence why I used the craft mask. Once malleable press your cintra onto the mask form. This may take a few goes to get it right. If you get one part just right, try then boiling only the parts you want to fix.

Once cool make sure it fits your face well. If not keep on boiling and bending. IMPORTANT: Make sure the parts covering your ears are completely flat surfaces. If not the circle stacks wont fit on them correctly. I learned this the hard way.

Step 4: Wings

Picture of Wings
Make another paper pattern for the wings. Make sure the circular parts are the same size and shape as your SMALL circles. Trace onto cintra and cut out.

Step 5: Paint!

Picture of Paint!
Paint your babies all pretty like.

Paint the radioactive symbol onto your smaller circles. I did mine by hand, but if you’re a stickler for precision you can always make a mini pattern.

Step 6: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Once everything is dry, glue cylinders onto the ends of your mask. And glue your wings onto the cylinders. In whatever order.

Glue on your elastic. Having it this tight works since the mask reaches so far back.

Go beat up some freakin’ morons.

THEJJRAT1 month ago
I'm working on the winger. and this would be perfect with it. Thanks!
ilikecake31 year ago
I love these! I love tf2 also. But i am to lazy to go to the store and actually work, y'now?
Flip22472 years ago
I really love to see more hats from u making the gunslinger would be cool
Flip22472 years ago
Cool can't wait til u do it!
Flip22472 years ago
Hey can u make the robot version of bonk boy
KatieLawter (author)  Flip22472 years ago
Oooh, definitely looks tempting! would like be a pretty similar technique, just more geometric shapes. I might have to at some point. :)
The Rambler2 years ago
Very cool. I don't really play TF2 but I like this. I might try to do something similar with this technique.