Step 3: the Cutting Phase

Open the ZIP file and print the ' AandB.jpg ' file twice, the ' CandD.jpg ' file twice and te ' E.jpg ' once.

Cut the patterns, leaving a security margin of at least 1 cm, then stick them on the mirrored paper.

Use the X-acto knife and the french curves to cut the curved lines, then the utility knife to cut the straight lines.

After having cut one part, place a piece of adhesive tape on each side in order to maintain them in place. At the end, cut the squared shape ( be careful about the four corners which will be detached).

<p>Made it as a birthday present for my sister.</p><p>Took me 8 hours per side to cut out the flowers, but it was worth every second.</p><p>I put in an RGB LED lamp, so it would change cholors every couple of seconds.</p><p>Seriously, a splendid idea and tutorial.</p><p>I really hope you'll be able to commercialize your products as they're awesome!</p>
<p><strong>OMG O_O !</strong> absolutely fabulous, awesome ! I'm jealous ^^</p><p>Congratulations CabbitCastle and thank you for sharing the result of your unbelievable piece of Art ;)</p>
<p>Thank you!<br>By the way, as I didn't mention it previously, your rendered designs are awesome as well. There are just so many possibilities with this idea!<br>Truly, I tip my hat at you!</p>
great instructable!<br><br>Instructable fantastique!
<p>This is cool you should put this on Kickstarter</p>
Holy mother of french toast this is EXACTLY what I need!
Dude thanks to this instructable i gave my gf her &quot;best gift ever&quot; I want to thank you so much. I hope you get the firms you're looking for. Grettings from Mexico.
Looks like someone was inspired by this and made a retro-game cube (<a href="http://bit.ly/TFZ3uU" rel="nofollow">http://bit.ly/TFZ3uU</a>).... Wonder if he's going to do other styles or even the shelfs, too.
Can you make a godess cube madylight?
Where did you purchese the mirror paper?
How did you make the yellow boxes move? Th eones where you take the pointer and you get some writing...how did you make them like come out?!<br><br>This is great!
im not sure, but im guessing the image is an animation, and he just posted the instructable box right in hte middle of the animated box.
That looks amazing. i can't wait to make my own
Awesome idea! I haven't done anything like that before, but now I definitely want to do! Beautiful! And fun video :)
Very entertaining, thank you. now I think its time for sleep...
This looks like one of those Jedi Holocrons from the Star Wars comics.<br>I'm gonna start building right away, love your design
U actually made all those prestige stuff!U r amazing man!Well done!!!
Wow !!<br>Good job this is awesome
muy bueno dise&ntilde;o gracias
Well done!
now all i need is a bunch of circuit wallpaper and my room will be complete
this is awesome. love the bed too
I love tron!!! Can't wait till Tron legacy comes out!! :)
I want to see an i'ble on that sweet shelf setup! How did you get the background glow so perfect?
Incredible! Can anyone say "Full Metal Alchemist?"
exactly what i was thinking!!
this would be an awesome thing to set up with a magnet switch. *clap and slap wall* runes everywhere!<br/>
The clapper and a 2 second time delay would work pretty good.
and, the lights turned on flying outward from ware you hit.
I just might try that in my basement...*runs 20 miles home and gets to work*
full metal alchemist.......was it supposed to do anything? (just kidding) yes that'd be a sweet design.
What is &quot;Mady&quot;? What does it mean?
His name is Greg Madison. The Mady comes from MADison.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too... wow.
Where can i find this plexiglass
Home depot should have it
very well done i'ble my friend. I have to say that while the concepts aren't too difficult your presentation and delivery were very entertaining and top notch. I would totally watch your show on the DIY network if you had one.
tell me when you do an instructable for the table
Great lamp! Whit what prog. did you make the presentation? Alex
super t'as lampe et tres bon montage pour tes explications de fabrication. great job. 5*
I just posted to your home page. Tried to Copy &amp; Paste it here but the Paste wouldn't work. :-( ~ ED
Fun video, I like.
I plan on starting one of these this weekend. Does anyone know a source in the US for those kind of color change LED bulbs? I do not want one that's remote controlled.
You mean, like this? http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/lights/831e/

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