Step 3: The Cutting Phase

Picture of  The Cutting Phase

Open the ZIP file and print the ' AandB.jpg ' file twice, the ' CandD.jpg ' file twice and te ' E.jpg ' once.

Cut the patterns, leaving a security margin of at least 1 cm, then stick them on the mirrored paper.

Use the X-acto knife and the french curves to cut the curved lines, then the utility knife to cut the straight lines.

After having cut one part, place a piece of adhesive tape on each side in order to maintain them in place. At the end, cut the squared shape ( be careful about the four corners which will be detached).

Ges5 years ago
Is there are reason you put cut out the design, and put them in the cube after it is assembled? I don't know how sticky the reflective material is, but I thought it would be easier to put the the designs on the plexiglass before you glue it together, just so you don't need to manoeuvre it as much in a cube.
Radskull7 years ago
HI, thanks for the great submission. I'm really looking forward to getting my lamp started but when i print the patterns (using windows picture viewer) they seem to big, what program should be used? or am i doing something wrong?
I can try to help, first of all did you actually print them or did they just look large in Windows Picture Viewer? If you printed them and still think they are too large then: The pictures are .jpg files, easily manipulated in size, if you are using Windows Picture Viewer you almost certainly have have a program called Paint. Paint in case you are not aware can be found under Start/Accessories/Paint or easier still, Right click on the picture, it should give the option to Open With: choose Paint. In Paint, choose Image then Stretch/Skew change the 100% to a smaller number, print the smaller picture, repeat until it is the size you want and then change the other pictures to match. Hope this helps..
How the hell did you manage to produce such top-clas cartoon drawings???? Tell me, wich program and effects did you use?? GREAT INSTRUCTIBLE!!! 5+
Hi. Congrats for your instructable I really liked it.... I also liked the style you printed the above picture (to be cotinued).... What effect did you use to achieve this cartoon-like style? It's amazing! Cheers!
Mr. Thumbs6 years ago
All set to build the light, but I can't open your patterns. My computer says it does not recognize "smart pix". Is it my machine or the format you use?
did you draw the patterns yourself or did you find them on the net somewhere. i wanted to make a UV reactive shirt in these patterns. inspiration via you.