Step 7: The Prestige

In order to demonstrate the various incredible possibilities of this Instructable, I will try to imagine an object which uses the MADYLIGHT effect every 2 or 3 days and this, until the end of this contest on 31 of January 2008.

One can reasonably think about creating a system ( THE MADYMOTIONS ) which will enable all the electronic devices to be interlinked thanks to a Bluetooth system, like a PC, new generation video game consoles, the "AMBILIGHT SYSTEM" by Philips and all mobile devices.

This will enable the adaptation of the different colors of your movies, music, games, mail receiving, entering calls and SMS notifications.

nsakuraba2 years ago
Holy mother of french toast this is EXACTLY what I need!
mk20014 years ago
leebryuk7 years ago
Incredible! Can anyone say "Full Metal Alchemist?"
exactly what i was thinking!!
WuLongTi5 years ago
very well done i'ble my friend. I have to say that while the concepts aren't too difficult your presentation and delivery were very entertaining and top notch. I would totally watch your show on the DIY network if you had one.
I want to see an i'ble on that sweet shelf setup! How did you get the background glow so perfect?
Mudslag7 years ago
Yah any chance we can get a zip file for the Table or shelfs?
midian7 years ago
I for one would like to try and create a table as shown, can you show how the tables were constructed?
winglex7 years ago
Hey man,mind making a zip file of the design patterns on the table? Its totally swt >.<