Step 6: Assembly of the Carcass

Picture of Assembly of the Carcass
You'll need a helper for this first assembly step.  Most of the other ones can be done solo.   Reference the top view drawing.

 Before you start assembling the carcass, make sure that you will have enough room and a plan to get it to it's final location.  It is 26" wide which should fit through any doors BUT it is 87" long so it may be tough to get around corners.


- Lay the Bottom piece "G" on a flat work surface.  I use an old door on adjustable saw horses.  Set it up so the back and right side are hanging over the edge of the work table.  You will be shooting nails up into this area.

- Put Glue on the bottom of the back piece "Back" and get your helper to hold it in place. 

- Put Glue on the right side of the "Back"  where piece "E" will connect to it..

- Put Glue on the bottom of the right side piece "E"  and get your helper to hold it in place against the back piece.

- Shoot 3" framer nails to secure the right piece "E" to the "Back" piece.  Shoot nails from underneath into the bottom to secure the Back and piece "E" to the bottom.  Your helper is done!

- On the Back of the carcass, mark 42.75" from the right edge and draw a vertical nailing line on the back.  Drill a few small holes through this line to carry through your vertical nailing line to the inside. 

- Put glue on the back and bottom of "C2" and center it on these nailing holes you just drilled.    Check with a square that "C2" is 90 degrees square to the back and to the bottom.  Nail through the back to secure "C2".

- Put Glue on the front of "C2" and on the bottom of "C1".    Center "C1" on the front of "C2" and nail through "C1" into C2".