Step 7: Continue Carcass Construction

Picture of Continue Carcass Construction
We will continue adding the vertical members to the carcass here.  Reference the top view drawing.

- Mark the inside back and bottom of the carcass with a line that is 11.5" away from the right edge.  Drill a few small holes 3/8" to the left of this line on the inside back.  Go to the back of the carcass and connect the holes with a straight edge to make a nailing line..

- Add glue to the top back and bottom of piece "D".  Install it with the right most edge on the line you just marked so the inside dimension is exactly 11.5".  Go to the back and nail piece "D" in place.

- Go to the left side of the carcass and mark a line on the back that is 25" in from the left back edge.  drill holes 3/8" over to the right of this line.  Mark this line on the back.   Mark another line 25 3/4" over from the left side bottom edge.

- Put glue on the bottom and back of piece "B" and nail in from the back on the 25" line.

- As shown in the drawing, draw a line 18.5" parallel to the back.

- Put glue on the back and bottom of the "H" piece.  As viewed from the left side of the carcass, it should attach to the right side of "B" and be on the right side of the 18.5" line you drew.  Nail from "B" into "H".

- Put glue on the back and bottom of "A3".  Attach "A3" as shown in the diagram.  Nail from the left side of "A3" into "H".

- Put glue on the back and bottom of "A4".  Attach "A4" as shown in the diagram 10 7/8" from "A3".  Nail from the middle of "H" into "A4".

- Add top panel support piece "FS".  It goes between piece "B" and "D" as shown in the drawings..  Apply glue to both ends of "FS".  Carefully nail into place from each end.  Use clamps or a helper to get this right.