Step 8: Drill Holes for Firgelli Lift

Picture of Drill Holes for Firgelli Lift
After the glue on the Carcass dries, we can drill the holes for the lift and the Vent holes.   The glue should take a few hours to be rock solid.

- Remove the top assembly from the Firgelli lift to make it a little lighter.

- Position the Firgelli lift in the center of "C1".   Mark the 4 holes with a pencil.  Remove the Lift.  

- Drill 4 holes as straight and accurately as you can. 

- Drill multiple vent holes with a 1" bit as shown in the pictures below.  These holes allow component heat to leave the left side component cabinet AND allow your wires and cables to pass around the cabinet.

- Secure the lift to "C1" with nut's and bolts.  I used a carriage bolt, nut, 2 smooth washers and 2 lock washers on each hole.

- Plug in your lift and test it's operation with the remote and manual switch.