How to Make a Table Saw (Video)





Introduction: How to Make a Table Saw (Video)

Today, we will be working together for making a table saw from circle saw.

I invite you to check out the video here and the steps taken.

Step 1: Make the Legs for Table Saw

You need a little slats to create a solid table leg

Step 2: Create a Hole With Dimensions Corresponding to the Circular Saw

You need two sheets of plywood. Here, I use 2 panels with size 12mm x 800 mm x 1,200 mm.

You need to use routers and saws parasols to perform this task.

Step 3: Assembly on Table Saws

Creating toggle clamps and assembling the saw on a table with certainty.

Here, I use 4 toggle clamps to hold firmly circle saw on table.

Step 4: Make the Lid for Saw Blade

You need to use the router to create a hole on the table with size matching saw blades. Then you add a lid on this hole. This creates favorable conditions for the replacement or repair of the latter.

Step 5: Completion of the Project and Enjoy the Results

Wish you happy, and one day work efficiently!



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Saving $70 is not worth cutting off a finger or having a board kickback in your face. Save up your money, buy the best saw you can afford and save money making homemade jigs. A homemade table saw is a terrible and dangerous idea

I agree really bad idea, a table saw costs hardly more than a skil saw.

Thanks your idea.

Not really only 70 dollars, may be higher. On many table saw market with equivalent capacity can with a price of $ 400-500.

Also making a product (DIY-Do it yoursefl) awesome

I bought my SKILL table saw for US$99.00. You can get a decent table saw for US$150.00. Just have to keep your eyes open.

Instead of making generalisations about homemade table saws perhaps you could suggest a way to make this one safer if you think there is an issue. The commercial table saws that I have seen have been prohibitively expensive and a lot less sturdy than this one looks.

Thanks to your comments

Great job!! I am definitely going to do this soon!!

Good job! I built a similar table saw a while back. It has a crosscut sled like this one:
My next step is to have a mechanism so that the saw blade can move up and down:
I see a lot of comments here of people that are concerned about your safety, and they are right. That last cut you make really is dangerous. That piece can easily be thrown back at you at a very high speed! The saw is more powerful than your hands, so you won't be able to hold it down if that happens. Be safe and use a crosscut sled every time you cut a piece that is wider than it is long.

Thanks you. I'm going to make fence, sled, pushstick, splitter and guard for this table saw. I will continue to update certain parts of the future.