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Watching Motorcycle Dairies the other day, I was reminded of the table I made last summer with Ernesto "Che" Guevara's photograph emblazoned on the center. This is a step-by-step for a stained wooden table with image on top. Enjoy.

Step 1: Sanding Plywood (the Top of the Table)

Picture of Sanding Plywood (the Top of the Table)

Step 2: Stain the Plywood (top of Table)

Picture of Stain the Plywood (top  of Table)

Next you will want to stain the wood. If you want a deep stain then you will have to stain, dry, stain, dry, stain, dry, etc.

Step 3: Screw Leg Fasteners

Picture of Screw Leg Fasteners

After that it is time to screw the fasteners onto the underside of the table. If you have a drill I suggest using it to make holes where the screws will be. I am poor so I screwed them in by hand and risked cracking the wood.

Step 4: Metal Pipe Legs

Picture of Metal Pipe Legs

Once this step is complete you will take the metal pipes and screw them into the fasteners. You will have to get these pipes threaded at the hardware store. Stand it up and the table is almost complete.

Step 5: Poster Top

Picture of Poster Top

You can leave it as-is if your main concern if function and not fashion. I finished mine by sealing a poster on top. I scorched the edges of the poster to make it look more like a damaged photo.

Step 6: Mod Podge

Picture of Mod Podge

Addendum: I've recieved a few emails asking about this step. You can use Mod Podge, but an easier and quicker process is to place the image on the table and pour an epoxy resin on it. The resin should spread evenly and harden. Just remember to put something under the table to catch the drip.


macebigelow (author)2006-08-14

Amazing how it took less than one post to totally forget the whole idea of the "picture in the table" idea. Thats pure ignorance. Its a free country and a free world, put anything on there, hell put MY FACE on there, I am defintly guilty of something bad. We all are.

adamazing (author)macebigelow2006-10-16

Prrfft...crypto-fascist bullshit. The "table" is the metaphorical wool being pulled over your eyes to hide the pseudo-anarchic 90210 symbolism of the Che Guevara poster.

Does someone have to create an L.E.D. throwie matrix depicting the ronery ronery Kim Jong-Il before you wake up and smell the coffee??

Won't someone *PLEASE* think of the children?!! :o)

bluelantern (author)adamazing2015-01-31

wth LOL! 8 years later you make me laugh my a*s off,lol.Good one.

jerbtown (author)macebigelow2006-10-09

Good lord, this place needs a forum.

this place has a forum, but apparently nobody uses it...

lindsey123 (author)2011-02-09

Well done!

Mr.Sanchez (author)2010-04-14

Nice Pic..." Hasta la victoria siempre" Ernesto guevara...para los amigos:"El Che".

Dandy in the Ghetto (author)2008-06-19

A little unrelated, but you inspired me to paint a beer-pong table... I tried to stain a wooden table, but it was a little harder than it looked. Ended up looking like hell. I will probably try black paint until my staining skills improve ;-P Did you use a spray-tack to stick the poster on the table? Also, did the resin "wet" the paper and put wrinkles in it? Great idea, by the way, and the table looks great.

Virgekp (author)2008-01-11

This is an awesome idea!! Pisser you thought of it first. . . But thank-You for the instructables. . . I love re-vamping stuff and this was very helpful :-D Kudos

aka_gomer (author)2007-08-06

i really want to try this now. how sturdy is the plywood?--enough to put heavy things on it? also, my experiences with mod podge have been that it's sticky when it dries (i might not be using it right). what i prefer for varnishes is acrylic varnish. you can get it cheap at wal-mart or craft stores.

vinnyboberino (author)2007-07-19

This is an awesome idea! I am going to make a serving tray using the same technique! Got the wood for it today! Thanks!!!

wakita (author)2007-07-14

Where can you buy the fasteners that you used? Can somebody link me please?

Dorkus1218 (author)2007-05-02

Cool idea man.

Scwounch (author)2006-01-26

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle and all the children, etc.. And I'm no political historian, but since when is stealing food harmless?

IIIIIIIII (author)Scwounch2006-02-23

probably when not stealing food harms you more then stealing it che may be a new icon of capitalisms victory, a mockery of all those rebel ideas but if you talk with people from south america they generally hate him but then we can alternatively take it as a sign of "i'm ignorant", "i'm here just for fun" and "i don't give a shit" attitude of teenagers and preadults

Cimorene (author)IIIIIIIII2006-09-27

since you're so adamant about getting the facts straight, how about NOT making ignorant ageist comments?

IIIIIIIII (author)IIIIIIIII2006-02-23

other then that, this thread interested me because i thought that the figure was somehow painted or stamped or whatever on the surface and i wanted to learn how. but it's just a poster! "I finished mine by sealing a poster on top. I scorched the edges of the poster to make it look more like a damaged photo."

thomasin (author)2006-08-11

Well, the dog seems to think highly enough about Che...sheesh, can't you guys just table all this criticism?

camscam (author)2006-07-31

I want a coffee table with jim jones on it

Von Klaus (author)2006-07-10

what's the big deal about che? i know what he did but so what. didn't turman kill hundreds with that atomic bomb of his? why isn't he frowned upon, uh wait he was ending tyranny, didn't che try to do that too? the point is every world leader has a good and bad side. it is your choice of bringing what side. hitler was one of the best stratigists ever. he concored poland in one day! that is pretty impressive. che liberated a countries that was under tyranny (did he mean to set up tyrannies in place , no) che guevara stands for the human will and human freedom. mendela said he was the most human person in history. so really people sould not make a big fuss over political figures, every political figure in high power killed someone,

Von Klaus (author)Von Klaus2006-07-10

p.s. soz for my spelling errors. i am dsylexic. and che stands for the human will and human freedom to those that approve of him. like some people think bush is jesus and some belive his i.q. is lower than a jar hof mustard and he is evil.

gormly (author)2006-02-15

I had relatives killed by Hitler.. I am offended that you brought him up..

Von Klaus (author)gormly2006-07-10

i had relatives that fought with Hitler

0x7a69 (author)2006-07-04

Ah, decoupagé glue, I had an idea like this for a coffee table we had stripped and sanded down (it was a party table, had to get rid of the permanent marker Penises and the _____ is gay comments). Nice to see the method I had planned on using works, good job and it looks great!

bean_machine (author)2006-06-02

No. Sorry, it really wouldn't. Now Hitlet toliet paper...

doitmyselfchic (author)2006-05-23

Neat project. Looks like your dog admires it too! :)

atomicpossum (author)2006-04-27

Table? No. Now Che toilet paper...

melvita (author)2006-03-13

could u elaborate on how you added the image? did u glue it? or did u just place it and then added the gloss layer?

melvita (author)2006-03-13

could u elaborate on how you added the image. did u glue it? or did u just place it and then added the gloss layer?

Zeke (author)2006-03-01

Nice table. See, that's what people should be commenting about. Was it stupid to use Che? Very much so, yes. Should it affect the overall project? No. So just forget it.

Shamigo (author)2006-02-27

bump I thought this was all about making a table with a poster picture on it... calm down people.

Xanthippe (author)2006-02-22

Wait- I'm confused, is this a mature forum about a nicely made table or a place to vent your harsh ideas about society’s trendy pitfalls? Nice table, dude.

neuralstatic (author)2006-01-03

some hardcore legs! i like the look. could always do the premade ones from ikea or home depot for a less industrial look, i guess.

Elcubanito (author)2005-12-17

It's trendy now! god only knows why! Non-Cubans dont realize that Che was a murderer and oppressed our people... to them hes a cool face on a sure they would not walk around with a shirt of Fidel! Ignorance is bliss.

chrishaum (author)2005-10-08

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