How to Make a Tabletop Moss Garden With Wild Moss





Introduction: How to Make a Tabletop Moss Garden With Wild Moss

Each day I go to the forest with my dog and chill with my Blues harp, hike, collect moss and stones and then I create a moss garden to enjoy. This time is recreation in a healing and creative way. It is my daily Spiritual Practice. Join Lucy and I in this video.and visit my website. - Jacob Folger, Artist. See hundreds more of my how to videos on my YouTube channel here:



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    Thanks so much. This was lovely. I've just started to make moss gardens and it's just as wonderful to do as you've shown here. I add glass flowers to mine (I make them myself, petal by petal) and I scour thrift stores for interesting vessels. I'm finding that beautiful, old, glass ashtrays make wonderful containers for moss. I take my dulcimer out when I go "mossing" and the music surely adds to the experience. For this past Christmas, one of my gifts from my sister in Seattle (moss central!) was a container of beautiful moss from her yard. She knows me so well and knew that THAT was what I wanted most!