How to Make a Tea Cozy with Hedgehog-in-a-Teacup Fabric

Picture of How to Make a Tea Cozy with Hedgehog-in-a-Teacup Fabric
What you’ll need:

• Fabric (Note: ordering this particular hedgehog fabric takes up to two weeks, so plan ahead!)

• Light yellow thread (or light blue if you’re using the fabric with the blue background)

• 1 package of light yellow or blue Double-Fold bias binding. Make sure it’s Double-Fold as opposed to Single-Fold; otherwise it won’t cover the bottom edge correctly. You can use a contrasting color instead if you like.

• Printer (to print the pattern)

• Pins

• Scissors

• Sewing machine — it’s much easier if you have one, but you can do it by hand too. I used the sewing machine and serger at TECH SHOP in San Francisco. TechShop is an amazing place with all sorts of equipment and machinery you can rent time on: metalworking, woodworking, textile arts, laser cutting and more. I've been a member since 2011. See for other TechShop projects I've made.

There are just four steps:

1. Buy the materials
2. Cut out the pieces
3. Sew the main part together
4. Sew on the seam binding (the edging piece that goes around the bottom)
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Step 1: Buying your fabric

Picture of Buying your fabric
Buy your hedgehog fabric:
        • Go to and order 1 yard of hedgehog-in-a-teacup fabric with a yellow or blue background.
        • The order will take up to two weeks to arrive – Spoonflower does print-on-demand rather than warehousing.

Buy your quilted insulating fabric:
        • Go to and order 1 yard of ThermaFlec fabric.
        • The order will take about 1-1/2 weeks to arrive.

Buy matching thread and matching or contrasting Double-Fold bias binding.


I've been needing a tea cozy, and this fabric is adorable!! Thanks for all the info!
nginzler (author)  seftonypony1 year ago
Great! I made mine last year and I use it every day.