When I saw this one on Pintrest (http://sweetteal.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/diy-recycled-tire-rocker-aka-tire-teeter-totter/), I had to have one.  I can’t afford a great Rocking Horse, so this would be a great substitute and was small enough to go into the basement with the other little kids’ toys.  One big problem, no old tire.  I mentioned it to a friend and she had some in her backyard.  Before you could say “Merry Christmas” I had an old tire. (They still can’t believe that I really wanted it.) Hurray!  So here we go on an adventure on how to make a Teeter Totter out of an old tire.

Step 1:

Supplies: (This picture doesn't show everything on the list)
An old tire (doesn’t have to be very big)
A saws-all
2” x 8” x 24” long board (scrap will do)
1” x 9” x 48”inch long board
10-2” long wood screws
2- ¼” x 4” carriage bolts,
2- ¼” washers
2-¼” nuts
2- ½” x 3” carriage bolts,
2- ½” washers
4-½” nuts
2-5/8” washers 
Chop saw
Table saw
Saber saw
½” corner round router bit
Drill with screw driver bit
Long ¼” drill bit
½” drill bit
Belt Sander with sand paper
Tape measure
Socket wrench, to fit both sizes of bolts nuts
Primer paint
Spray paint (your choice of color(s))
2-1¼” diameter dowel, 8” long
2- 1¼” x 1¼” x 4” long wood blocks
Wood filler (we used Sugru)
this is super great u guys!!! its great for winter time!! luv it
Thank you!
Nice repurpose. 5 stars.
Thank you!
I'm smiling! Adorable vid, and great instructable.<br>
Thank you!
Clever! Good work.
I see what you did there..very clever!
Thank you!
Wow. Just want to say &quot;nicely done&quot;!
Thank you!

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