Step 10: Assembling

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If you've made it this far I must offer my congratulations and suggest it only gets better from here. Looking at the pile of pieces picturing how it manages to become a machine may be a tad abstract so I tried my best to create instructions as close to those produced by LEGO. (downloadable in the attached pdf CNC-Assembly-Instructions.pdf). But in the interest of amusing along the way here is a timelapse of me putting my machine together.

Torito6 years ago
Are the y axis rails round or square? I couldn't find that out...
Scott-3003 years ago
Am I the only one who played the Benny Hill music in the background whil watching this?
Scott-3003 years ago
Am I the only one who played the Benny Hill music in the background whil watching this?
outland863 years ago
Hi Everyone

We have a set of pre cut wood parts avaialble for this Router with all the edge boring done and cut professionally on a KOMO CNC..absolutely precise parts.
from MDF. an inexpensive option to ensure you have an accurate machine when you are done...www.makecnc.com

some minor improvments and modifications have been made to the original design.

also for FREE....FREE....FREE

you can download free from our site an extensive and comprehensive set of plans for this machine that includes the DXF files of all parts drawn by a professional draughtman with dogbone fillets added to allow you to cut the parts uisng a CNC router..as well as a set of drawings ready to laser cut.
a parts list and indervidual part drawings including metal parts belts etc to make building this cool little machine a breeze..hindreds of hours of work went into these plans and cut files and they are your for free..no obligations.
im a bit confused with step 3 of the assembly instructions, can anyone help?
Can you please make a video for showing how you connected the motors and the circuital system in the cnc. These parts are screwing my head..................
Another question is can we make the circuit required for cnc by our own??
If yes please make a video on the topic.............
I'm having trouble opening the PDF file. It says "the pdf file is damaged and could not be repaired." How else can I open this file?

resipsa4 years ago
Time lapse video was awesome. You should have had your wife come in at some random point for a simulated quickie! Would have been comedy gold.
waynerod5 years ago
Hi, Can anyone plz plz tell me.. what the "Coupling Nut" is used for in the "Z Axis Motion".. Also, could anyone plz tell me what makes the Dremel Holder (Z Cart Holder thing) move up/down according to the "Z Axis"?? IS it due to the "Threaded Rod and the Coupling Nut"??? (It would be nice if you could do it with the help of some pics/diagrams/videos) Also, for the Parallel port, DB-25 is needed.. whereas I have DE-15F. Could I use an adapter?? Or do I have to get a PCI Slot??? plz...plz help as soon as possible... Thanks, Wayne.
robotron9975 years ago
hi i am not able to understand how the motor is connected with the belt or the rail in the y axis and x axis can you explain it briefly
2145955 years ago
hello i am interested in your plans but i have 3/4" MDF can i still make it or are there many changes that have to be made

if you can email me at nicholasfischer@rogers.com i would really apprecoate it
weldermike6 years ago
hi I'm just starting to look into building this cnc , I love ur plans , but its not very clear to me on how ur belt drive works, would u happen to have any pics or video,
Albu Dan6 years ago
Hello! Could you please post some pictures with how the belts for the Y axis are mounted? And I was wondering what power is recommended for the motors to have? Thank You!
woopy6 years ago
[[Video(, {width:425, height:350})]][[Video(, {width:425, height:350})]]
Torito6 years ago
Well, I have made this far. Still need to cut some pieces but I am going to change the rail system. ¿Is there any specification about the belt? I mean that I don't know the strength it needs to support. I have been searching over the web and found that the only parameter you can choose is the width and not thickness for example. What is the recommended width of the belt for this particular machine? Remember that the belt helps the machine stay on the rail. anyway you can solve that somehow but I like this design. :-)
Torito6 years ago
Sorry for no positive comments before. EXCELENT work. I'm starting out by compiling files. I have been reading a lot and found out that this is my hardware option.
ryno857 years ago
I think I've found an error in the assembly instructions. In the section where you are building the rails, it shows 24 8mm x 55mm bolts, but the parts list only shows 6 of these bolts. I think it should say 40mm. I haven't started building yet, but based on my Sketchup model, 55mm would be way too long. I'm planning on building my router based on these plans. I'd like the work area to be larger, and also to use the threaded rod on all 3 axes. Any tips for me?
cruisorusa7 years ago
This is a very nice design. In fact I'm going to build it when I complete the other CNC router I'm building. I appreciate a good project!!
edoggy8 years ago
Hi, very good work. I am also wondering how any of the axis square tubings holds to the chassis. What keeps the moving parts from lifting off the rails? (mostly the "Y" axis) How is the "X" axis bottom rail fixed to the chassis? Should it be installed before the cart sides? I'm sorry to have so much questions at once but am pretty interested in building your project. I might also draw it all on Autodesk Inventor before. Keep up the good work: you have talent.
zoominbc8 years ago
Hi, nice work. I am wondering how the Y axis is attached, does it just ride on the rails? Also it's not clear to me how the machine is aligned or adjusted.