Step 11: Software, Wiring and Configuring

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Almost there. All that is required is to wire up your motors and controller following their instructions, and to set up your control software using the included instructions and the machine specific details included here in step 2.
Hello. I hope you are fine. I'm from Iran. Can you tell me how to build motors, servo control board do email. Sorry if you do not learn English. I'm help from Google Translath. . Thank you very much
outland863 years ago
Hi Everyone

We have a set of pre cut wood parts avaialble for this Router with all the edge boring done and cut professionally on a KOMO CNC..absolutely precise parts.
from MDF. an inexpensive option to ensure you have an accurate machine when you are done...www.makecnc.com

some minor improvments and modifications have been made to the original design.

also for FREE....FREE....FREE

you can download free from our site an extensive and comprehensive set of plans for this machine that includes the DXF files of all parts drawn by a professional draughtman with dogbone fillets added to allow you to cut the parts uisng a CNC router..as well as a set of drawings ready to laser cut.
a parts list and indervidual part drawings including metal parts belts etc to make building this cool little machine a breeze..hindreds of hours of work went into these plans and cut files and they are your for free..no obligations.
arzie20005 years ago
Yes it's really easy to build a cnc machine, there are tons of DIY's out there... but what I noticed is that they hardly include the "brain" or the controller specs and schematic diagrams. I would like to suggest to instructables admin to remove the so-called "DIY-stuffs" that don't have complete information. it's deceiving and gives the readers "false-hopes" on accomplishing this project.
A complete electronics kit can be purchased on ebay for less than 200 dollars.
Do an ebay search for. "3 axis stepper kit nema 23"

An older Pentium 4 computer is ideal for controlling a CNC machine.
These can easily be found for less than 100 dollars.

The information shared here is a valuable resource for many people.
Suggestions that this information should be censored may be short sighted.

Just because it doesn't cover all aspects doesn't make it useless. Other guides cover making a controller board, and if you just want to choose one or set one up there are guides to that too. The same goes for choosing software.
I don't think anyone said useless , I try to learn something from every different machine I look at . Determining what is best suitable can be overwhelming .
Hope my input helps someone out that may be going through similar problems.
It is a great learning experience for sure.
Someday when I have more time I will post another update on my progress
but for now , If anyone has a question I will try to point you in the right direction.

No I'm not a PRO, but I also have seen some teachers that shouldn't be PROS either. I like this site and intend on doing more and more here to show the talents that I have in different areas that may inspire others .
That is how I learned everything I know , watching people doing things and also reading about them.
Yawn but long lectures do put me to sleep though !

Advice : Students do try to stay awake in class because the moment you
doze off you'll miss the piece of information that is most important.
I have to agree with arzie2000 that there are so many different plans out their that claim to be diy cnc plans but they end before they are finished.
Either No or not enough electronic information.

As I am building my own cnc router I have had to study multiple approaches
to the controller end of my machine.

There is alot of information out there
it would be nice if someone could put that into plain english too, I have found that some people are making it look much harder than it all really is.

Maybe they like doing things the hard way... lol

I have tested my stepper motors and am ready for a power supply,
but it took me a long time to figure out what I need because of all
the different conflicting information everybody has different ideas !.

I really wasn't sure how much power I would need for a power supply
12v-24v-36v ?

Then I found what I needed at stepperworld.com
That was after buying a stepperworld FET-3 controller on ebay.

Taking a look at stepperworld.com made the whole picture so much clearer.
I found I could boost my motors (I am using 2nd hand nema 23 step 6 wire motors. ) with 50w resistors using a 12 volt power supply .

I copy and pasted them below from stepperworld.com .

Power Resistors (50 watt rating): $5 ea
Assorted values available...
0.3 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 1 ohm, 1.5 ohm, 2 ohm, 2.5 ohm, 3 ohm, 3.3 ohm, 4 ohm, 5 ohm, 10 ohm, 20 ohm

Heavy Duty Power Supply: $30

ATX type power supply has 3.3v, 5v and 12v with enough current to drive 3 motors in HI TORQUE mode simultaneously. AC power cord included. Power Supply is International (Input voltage range 100VAC to 240VAC) Power Supply is prepped to turn on without requiring any load or motherboard connection.

If you are looking and are overwhelmed by too many choices then I know how you feel.
how do you set up your computer so i will control your machine?
@jtedder I will post a short video I am getting very frustrated trying to leave a reply my text keeps disappearing

hopefully this video will upload . it is not a fantastic video but ir shows
the wiring which no one would directly show me , even though I asked around on forums . I found my information through stepperworld.com
he answers his emails promptly and was extremly helpful.
I found that there are a lot of guys out there that take all the info they can find
and don't share it then other people that do share info and do go out of their way to help.
I spent a lot of time spooling through troves of information to build my own machine - is nearly complete and I did it very cost effectively. It can be done !

There are many people that don't want to wait and just want a plug in and go machine , others buy kits to assemble.
after more than a year of doing research. i have finally managed to build my own cnc router. it's not easy as it sounds. the mechanical framework is just a piece of cake. as for the controller part, that is really a pain. As what mrmartyman7 says, just buy a kit instead, it will be much easier.
If I had the money I would go with anything by this guy.
His videos show step by step how to assemble from crossing the t-s to dotting the i-s. add him to your sunbscriptions watch and learn. He has a lot of videos and a brand new book on amazon.com. I want one !
anyone want to buy me a present , please ...lol


I ened up not needing the resistors , I contacted the owner of stepperworld and he emailed me downloads of testing software that I was able to test my motors , power supply , FET3 board ect.. alkl works fine, now I need a full copy of mach3 software. I have put the homebuild on hold while I have been getting my new buisness going . Model train scenery products.
mrmartyman74 years ago
@jtedder 4 times I have tried to comment and my text has been lost .
testing testing 2 2 3 4 4
bleounis5 years ago
Approximately how many Dr Peppers will I need to complete this portion?
Great project.
RobLoughrey4 years ago
Actually the second step, but its the third page. Many of these people need to actually read the instructable before they start criticizing. I see all the info I need.
Hello I'm about to buy those motors I found.
The guys who selling this told me that they come from an old copy machine and that he was about to use them to build a cnc.

If anyone can confirm this that would be really helpful.

barva584 years ago
Please some information about software (mach3) configuring. Really good job.
roloh4 years ago
i really appreciate you by share all this information! i am pretty sure that it would help me a lot!
Thanks man!
from where can I buy the controller. and can I have the electric diagram
redfire055 years ago
in the picture above i see the cnc contoller chip did you solder it all ,was it hard and what is the thing the contoller chip is sitting on
I don't really want to buy a controller, so is it practical to make one? If so, where can I find out how?
maxpower497 years ago
the software and motors is on the third step