Step 7: Cutout Pieces

Picture of Cutout Pieces
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Not too much to say for this step simply cut around each outline.
outland863 years ago
Hi Everyone

We have a set of pre cut wood parts avaialble for this Router with all the edge boring done and cut professionally on a KOMO CNC..absolutely precise parts.
from MDF. an inexpensive option to ensure you have an accurate machine when you are done...www.makecnc.com

some minor improvments and modifications have been made to the original design.

also for FREE....FREE....FREE

you can download free from our site an extensive and comprehensive set of plans for this machine that includes the DXF files of all parts drawn by a professional draughtman with dogbone fillets added to allow you to cut the parts uisng a CNC router..as well as a set of drawings ready to laser cut.
a parts list and indervidual part drawings including metal parts belts etc to make building this cool little machine a breeze..hindreds of hours of work went into these plans and cut files and they are your for free..no obligations.
waynerod5 years ago
Can anyone plz tell me what do the many 0.25" holes on the base are for?

Is it for drilling a sort of place for the metal rod? if so, how deep does it have to be?

Dear waynerid: It is detailed at the full size PDF.
vinubox5 years ago
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