How to Make a Throwing Knife!!





Introduction: How to Make a Throwing Knife!!

Ever had the desire to own a throwing knife but you didn't want to hand over a load of cash? Well here's how. This is a very fast project with and is very rewarding. There's nothing like sending a knife 12 feet across a room thudding into a target.


Steel (i just mild steel from the hardware store)

Bench Belt Sander ( A file works too)


Angle grinder

Pencil,Sharpie, Pen, Soapstone (any)

Clamps, vice, etc.

Step 1: Design and Plan

First you need to come up how you want it to look.

i went with a very simplistic shape but the possibilities are endless. i recommend nothing to far stay in your skill level. A symmetrical knife is better but not required. FYI larger knife are much easier to throw trust me!

You can make a cardboard template but i just marked right on the steel. i used a piece of soapstone because it stays on even with heat.

Step 2: Rough Shaping

Now is when it starts to take shape.

Secure the steel in a vice or on a surface with a clamp.

With an angle grinder and a cut off disc I cut the knife section off from the larger piece. i then cut both sides of the blade, followed by a few cuts on the handle to round it off.

Following this is grinding on the belt grinder. this can also be done with a file but if so you will want to get the cuts closer to the final shape with the angle grinder. a grinding disc can be used as well. Use whichever way you do to get the final profile of the blade. after this comes the blade bevel.

Step 3: Grinding the Bevels

When it comes to a throwing knife you most definitely do not want sharp edges. The only priority of a throwing knife is to be pointy. Because of this i dont even make a bevel down the whole portion of my throwing knives. I only grind the bevel for about the top inch of the knife.

Continuing on this i do emphasis finishing the sides however. I like to sand the sides down until it is even and smooth.

Step 4: Finishing the Knife

At this point it is all finish work.

I sand the whole thing with a worn 220 grit piece on an orbital sander but this can be done without it as well. make sure to sand the bevels as well. i also made radiused cuts on each side to make it look better and to divide the handle from the blade

there are many other finishing possibilities such as

- Holes drills in handles

- paracord wrapped handles

-mirror finished

-wooden handles.

the only reason i am not putting on a wooden and is because it has excess stress form throwing and i want to destroy a work of art. Do not throw finished knives you dont want to damage . i threw that knife like 5 times and the handle split away from the steel. dont do it.

Step 5: Now As for Throwing

well...theres a little issue here. i havent quite figured this part out.i have only a basic understanding and the biggest thing is pratice. at this point i will urge you the best direction i know. check out this instructable

and later i will post an instrutable on how to make that target


Well happy crafting and throwing-BC



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    haha since I work at a steel workshop with a BUNCH of tools!!! I can create this in 15 -20 min!! lol imma go do it

    The thickness of the steel is also important. 1/8" is likely to bend. 1/4" thick at or under 12" long is far less likely to bend assuming you are using welding steel from the hardware store. That stuff is not hardened and from what I've heard it can't be. I've made knifes with both 1/8 and 1/4 I'm very happy with my 1/4" but I simplified my design because of the thickness.

    I didn't see anything said about balance... Other places I've seen a 50-50 split of weight between handle and blade. But... there's not a big differentiation between blade and handle on your knife anyway. Do you have any thoughts on the matter

    I got an angle grinder at a garage sale for about $8 and it was an expensive hitschi

    Nice work. I have found with throwing knives, for beginners the bigger the better.

    up to 13inch. what do you reckon about this.?

    This is awesome! Amazing what one can do with some flat steel.


    When throwing it hold it like you would a tv remote it works better. I have thrown knives like this at rendezvous and had a lot of success