How to Make a Thunder Tube for About $7





Introduction: How to Make a Thunder Tube for About $7

A Thunder Tube, or Thunder Drum is a really fun noise instrument. I've seen many versions of this but they all used a traditional drum head, which can be expensive.

I made this for $7

1. Start with a 12 inch section of ABS tube. The largest I could find at the local ACE was 4" in diameter ($3), but I think even wider would be better.

2. Next stretch about 10 pieces of clear packing tape across the top good and taught. Or add more for a brighter tone.

3. Poke a hole in the new head, and twist in the spring. The springs I had on hand were all steel extension springs about 2 feet long. I saw one at the ACE for $4.

I know what you're thinking..."WHY AREN'T THERE MORE STEPS?! THIS IS TOO EASY!"

Sorry, it really is that easy. Slap some packing tape on a plastic tube up and add a spring.

I also made one from bendable elbow and wood.

Experiment with different pipe material and size of springs. They're great fun for kids and super easy to make!

Have fun!!



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    I've never heard of these before. Sounds really cool!