Picture of How to Make a Tied Fleece Blanket
Here are the steps in making a very simple fleece blanket with tied ends. No sewing required! You will need 2 pieces of fleece, about 1 to 1 1/4 yards each, a pair of fabric scissors (or a rotary cutter - much easier!), cutting board (or some kind of cutting surface) and a ruler or straight-edge.
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Step 1:

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Lay the two pieces of fleece wrong sides together.

Step 2:

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With the fabric on top of each other, trim off any ends as necessary to make them the same size.

Step 3:

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Use a rotary cutter and cut right along the edge of your ruler or straight-edge.

Step 4:

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Cut out a square about 3-4 inches from each corner. This will prevent bunching of the material in the corners and help to make tying easier.

Step 5:

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Make sure you cut out the square from all 4 corners of the fabric.

Step 6:

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Next cut out slits - almost like a fringe - about 3 inches deep all the way around the fabric. Just make sure you cut deep enough so that you can tie the pieces together. If the slits are too short, you won't be able to double knot them.

Step 7:

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This picture shows that you cut the slits through both pieces of fabric while they are layered together. This way, you have the same number of slits all the way around.

Step 8:

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Tie the matching top and bottom slits together into double knots (helps them to say together after washing).

Step 9:

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Continue tying all the way around the fabric until your blanket is complete!

Step 10:

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Fold the blanket and wrap with a ribbon (or even a piece of the fabric that you trimmed off). Add a book and give as a gift. Our local Moms in Motion group (go MIMs!) donates these books and blankets to inner city school children through a program called Buddies, Bridges & Brains based in Victor, NY.
DeniseG324 days ago

I just bought fleece from Hobby Lobby. They have such pretty prints. I washed my pieces before I started. Is there any harm in that? Having made these many years ago, I forgot what was necessary for the corner cut. Yours was the first one that came up & I love how you not only gave instructions, but took the photos too! Thanks Bunches & now I'm off to finish mine!!

lraye15 months ago
easy to fallow instructions . my blanket turned out wonderful.

The instructions state I will need 2 yards of ea. piece of material for an adult blanket. This seems to be a very small blanket. How much fabric do I really need for an adult blanket?

2 2/3-3 yards works well. a little bigger is better than too small!

I have always used 2 1/2 yards for an adult blanket and that seems to be long enough...I made me one for my Queen size bed by buying 5 yards of each (front and back) then cutting them in half and sewing them together...then I cut and tied as usual...I love it and it hangs down over my bed frame. The only thing different I did was instead of tying the top row, I sewed them together so I didn't have the knots up around my neck and face..

Two yards is plenty, my two yard blanket almost covers my queen sized bed. Go for two and a half maybe three if you are concerned about a hight issues (2 should be good for an average high person)

I make these all the time. I am about 5'2 and my blanket is 2 yards and it fits my whole body. When you go and get the fabric the lady cutting the fabric can usually tell you if you have enough or not.

KaitlynG3 months ago

looks easy, looks cute, i love it!

I used this to double check my measurements. My only comment is that its my personal preference to only knot every other strip, I think its prettier (I like the dangly things). But that's all personal preference

she is a baby blanket the same size as a regular blanket
garnerelaine8 months ago

I Have been trying to Print instructions for making a " NO SEW FLEECE BLANKET " I want to start my Xmas Presents soon. But I can not find a site that lets me print the instructions. Please Help !!!! _ - I live in Canada and I want to find instructions for free to print.

I am a senior and not want to pay for $ 40.00 for printing from PDF

Regards. E. Garner

Here are some directions just in case you are still needing some.

hfox00x8 months ago

What is this fabric called? Where can I get it?

it's fleece and you can find it at any fabric store like jo anns or even some walmarts

mvaughn33 years ago
This was my first non-sewing blanket n my daughter loved it!!!! Thank you