Step 9:

Continue tying all the way around the fabric until your blanket is complete!
<p>It came out great! I would suggest knotting every corner first if planning to do it over the cours of a few days. Great directions!</p>
<p>What is this fabric called? Where can I get it?</p>
U can actually by the kit at JoAnns at reduced prices a lot of the time with instructions inside! Sometimes coupons r 50% off!
<p>it's fleece and you can find it at any fabric store like jo anns or even some walmarts</p>
<p>I have a question. When you lay the pieces of fleece wrong sides together, when do you turn them out right sides facing up? When I've made these blankets before my corners always have a gap or hole in them. How do I prevent this so there are ties all the way around even in the corners? </p>
Wrong sides together means you never turn them, as the wrong sides are already on the inside.<br>
<p>Thank you so much for the tutorial! I also love what your Moms in Motion group does! Also I love the acronym, as &quot;Mim&quot; is somewhat the French equivalent of &quot;Gram.&quot; I'm a Mim since I have a lot of French heritage. It's not dodging the &quot;Grandma&quot; or &quot;Granny&quot; - it's the equivalent! What a great thing you all are doing!!! Kudos!</p>
<p>here is the picture of the blanket i am working on thr end that has the black board on is the end that is the shortist almost done with it</p>
<p>i made my 1st tie blanket but one side ties are shorter than rest think they are 3&quot; and rest is 5&quot; do i need to take about and cut them longer or will they be ok a couple people said it will be ok</p>
I was thinking about making these for the grandkids. Thanks so much for the info!!
<p>I just made one of these blankets for the first time and I'm wondering if I did something wrong. As I was tying the fringe, the fringe on 2 sides (opposite of each other) stretched out of shape when I was knotting them. Like the fringes pulled long and narrow. The other 2 sides didn't do this, so I'm sure it's related to the cut of the fabric. Is there a way to make it so the fringe doesn't stretch out so bad?</p>
If you bought stretch fleece as opposed to regular fleece it will do that.
Do u slit and tie where you cut the corners out too?
I made this for Christmas last yearfor my grandchildren. They loved it.
I just finished this blanket:) It's a birthday gift for my granddaughter! It's the first time I have ever made one. Thank you for your help:)
<p>Approximently how material should I use to make a newborn baby blanket?</p>
<p>I just bought fleece from Hobby Lobby. They have such pretty prints. I washed my pieces before I started. Is there any harm in that? Having made these many years ago, I forgot what was necessary for the corner cut. Yours was the first one that came up &amp; I love how you not only gave instructions, but took the photos too! Thanks Bunches &amp; now I'm off to finish mine!!</p>
easy to fallow instructions . my blanket turned out wonderful.
<p>The instructions state I will need 2 yards of ea. piece of material for an adult blanket. This seems to be a very small blanket. How much fabric do I really need for an adult blanket?</p>
<p>2 2/3-3 yards works well. a little bigger is better than too small!</p>
<p>I have always used 2 1/2 yards for an adult blanket and that seems to be long enough...I made me one for my Queen size bed by buying 5 yards of each (front and back) then cutting them in half and sewing them together...then I cut and tied as usual...I love it and it hangs down over my bed frame. The only thing different I did was instead of tying the top row, I sewed them together so I didn't have the knots up around my neck and face..</p>
<p>Two yards is plenty, my two yard blanket almost covers my queen sized bed. Go for two and a half maybe three if you are concerned about a hight issues (2 should be good for an average high person) </p>
<p>I make these all the time. I am about 5'2 and my blanket is 2 yards and it fits my whole body. When you go and get the fabric the lady cutting the fabric can usually tell you if you have enough or not. </p>
<p>looks easy, looks cute, i love it!</p>
<p>I used this to double check my measurements. My only comment is that its my personal preference to only knot every other strip, I think its prettier (I like the dangly things). But that's all personal preference </p>
she is a baby blanket the same size as a regular blanket
<p>I Have been trying to Print instructions for making a &quot; NO SEW FLEECE BLANKET &quot; I want to start my Xmas Presents soon. But I can not find a site that lets me print the instructions. Please Help !!!! _ - I live in Canada and I want to find instructions for free to print.</p><p>I am a senior and not want to pay for $ 40.00 for printing from PDF</p><p>Regards. E. Garner bruela@bell.net</p>
<p>Here are some directions just in case you are still needing some.</p>
This was my first non-sewing blanket n my daughter loved it!!!! Thank you

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