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About 10 years ago I started working at a craft store. I love all the varied and many things I learned to do. That is where I got the nickname, "Craft Know It All." Some of the many things I know how to do during the 6 years I worked there was create tile boards. This is something I do quite frequently. When I receive a wedding announcement, I turn it into a tile board and give it to the Bride and Groom as their wedding gift. I have not had anyone reject it, yet. So here is the "How to Make a Tile board". It includes all little secrets I have learned over the years.

This is what our finished project will look like. This picture is already on the web, so my daughter told me to use it.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Here is the Supply list:
Tile art board (You may be able to find them precut at a craft store, or cut your own out of high quality press board.)
a picture
Envirotex Lite Pour On
nitrile gloves
Modge Podge (or white glue)
paint brush
measuring cup
stirring stick
clear tape
3 -5 oz paper cups
saw tooth hanger
plastic bag
E-6000 glue

Step 2:

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Step 1: Take the clear tape and put it along the edges of the back of the tile board. Envirotex Pour On is a Polymer that sticks to porous things, like wood and paper, and not to nonporous things like plastic. This step will make the drips easier to remove later.

Step 3:

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Step 2: Paint the board on the front, in the trenches and around the edges with what ever color paint you desire. ( I chose black.) Let it dry.

Step 4:

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Step 3: Using modge podge glue the picture to the board. If you don't have modge podge, make your own by mixing equal parts of white glue and water.

Step 5:

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Step 4: Modge podge over the top of the picture. Make sure it is well covered. Let it dry (may take a couple of hours).
So cute! And I love the little pumpkin!
You're welcome. He was at a "pumpkin patch" in the corn pit when the picture was taken.So I agree. the pumpkin was perfect.
morlin3 years ago
What a FANTASTIC project! I absolutely love this and my mind is in over-drive thinking of the applications.

Thank you for sharing your expertise!
craftknowitall (author)  morlin3 years ago
Thank you! It's lots of fun and I have an idea bubbling in my oen mind right now. Might get it done this next week.