Tomahawks are simple but effective hand-to-hand combat weapons, still used by the elite U.S. Army Rangers, but for the average person they can also be used fruitfully for yard projects like trimming limbs or chopping kindling wood. Here is a guide to building your own throwing tomahawk, roughly based on the U.S. Army Rangers model.

Step 1: Find Some Scrap Steel

  Find some scrap steel between 3/16 and 1/4 inch (4.7mm to 6.35mm) thick, and at least 4 inches by 5 inches (10cm by 12.5cm) in size. You may find some in a junkyard or salvage yard, but it is also sold at industrial supply stores. Make sure it is not too heavy, but not too light that you cannot build up speed while swinging
Here in Egypt, when we make a hammer, we soak the head (with the wood poking through it) in water so the wood enlarges inside and holds more firmly, I think you should do that to the tomahawk to be more secure.
Uh oh! I think I know what I'll be making this weekend. I've often thought about doing this with just regular pipe, but thanks for the tip regarding the threaded pipe. It never occurred to me. ...and mikeasaurus' tip regarding the shim/wedge makes it that much more secure.
I can see how the threaded pipe sufficiently holds the handle, but have you considered hammering a steel shim on the topside afterward to expand the handle head? (like the do with some wood splitting axes)

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