How to Make a Tomato Rose

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Tomato roses. You may have seen them at fancy parties, restaurants, or even your local grocery store deli (which is where I originally learned the art of making them!) A tomato rose is an elegant way to dress up your dishes at your next family gathering or special event. Even though it may look difficult to create, almost anyone can make a tomato rose garnish. Follow these steps and you’ll  create your very own tomato rose to impress your guests at your next event!
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Step 1:

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To make a tomato rose garnish you will need:
- Sharp paring knife
- Cutting board or other flat surface
- Medium size tomato (firm to the touch)
- Greens for added detail - mint, lettuce, sage, or other type of leaf

The key to successfully learning how to make a tomato rose is by using the right tool. A sharp paring knife is essential, as it allows you to control the depth and direction of your cuts. A dull blade will make it virtually impossible to create a pretty tomato rose.

Step 2:

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The right tomato is important. Look for these qualities:
- Firm and smooth
- No marks or blemishes. (Blemishes and marks make it more likely that the peel will break during the cutting process.)
- Good red color (although other shades of tomatoes can make beautiful roses as well!)

Generally, I buy vine ripened tomatoes because they seem to be a prettier shade of red and of a good size. Any size tomato can be used to make a rose, but I prefer ones that are about the size of a baseball or slightly smaller, mostly because they are easier to hold while peeling.
Ranie-K2 years ago
Great photos!
katzeyedesign (author)  Ranie-K2 years ago
Thanks! Photography is one of my favorite things!!
rimar20002 years ago
Clever and beautiful!
katzeyedesign (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Thanks so much, I am thinking to create another decorative instructable, maybe my palm tree :)