Introduction: How to Make a Tooth Pick Bomb - Toothpick Bomb

How to Make a Toothpick Bomb?

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Make bombs with toothpick is not very easy.

But you can try to do with skewers it will be much simpler at first.

Step 1: Solution 1

Picture of Solution 1

The first solution is to place the two curent tooth at a right angle.

And add a toothpick on top And finally pass the toothpick that will hold all . You can see the animated gif will be much more easy that my explanation.

Step 2: Solution 2

Picture of Solution 2

For the second solution you need to form a cross with two toothpick.

Then place the toothpick sides. This solution and the easiest for me. You can see the animated gif Will Be much more easy that my explanation.

Step 3: And Finally: Fire and Boom

Picture of And Finally: Fire and Boom

He just have to turn it on.

Warning peaks can go in all directions:

  • They can be on fire
  • They can hurt

Pretty cool ! Is not it?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.
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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-31

Great idea. I never thought of making stick bombs with tooth picks. You should try the cobra weave.

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