How to Make a Toothpaste Squeezer MacGyver Style!!





Introduction: How to Make a Toothpaste Squeezer MacGyver Style!!

Is it that you have toothpaste in the tube but cannot get it out?Well this is the problem most of us (including me encounter).
Now you need not buy those squeezer.
Can you imagine how this problem can be solved with things that are used everyday???You can now solve the problem with the unexpected thing like cotton swab  that are available at your home.Untill you proceed to the next step keep thinking for the solution.
This is the time you become creative and solve the problem.


Step 1: Gathering the Things

The things required are very simple and you would get them at your home itself (thats why it is free).

All you need is-
1. 2X Rubber bands
2. 2X Cotton Swabs(or two small sticks/nails)
3. And of course the Toothpaste( with which you are going to experiment)

After you collect the materials proceed to the next step.(which you cancollect while reading the i'ble!!)

Step 2: Putting It Together

There is one thing I want to make clear before we proceed and it is  you can use  nails instead of cotton swabsthe only issue being you can get a cut from it.
As I have a younger sister I used cotton swabs.Even cotton swabs work just fine.If you use nails be sure to hammer their pointed ends before using them.

I used the KISS method Keep It Simple Stupid so it was easy to make it.
Now proceed as follows-

1.Take two cotton swabs and tie their ends tightly with a rubber band.
2.Now, put it across the toothpaste tube and again tie it tightly with another rubber band.
3.And guess what you are done!!!

Keep moving it a bit forward to bring out the toothpaste.(see the above pictures)
Here is a tip- Use rubberband as small as possible as they bind it more tightly.

Step 3: Thanks

In the End I thank you for reading my instructable and hope you liked it and would try as soon as possible.
Comments and improvements are always welcome.Please comment and tell me your views.
Thanks again and happy ToothBrushing!!!



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thanks so much i really needed a project for my science fair and this helped me out alot thanks

This looks to me like a copy of a previous 'ible. look to the right of the page at a related article entitled "Tooth paste squeezer", by Powerpointed.

I had been using it for quite a lot of time as I am also new to instructables I did not think about posting it.
It was The MacGyver contest for which I was thinking for an Idea and ended up posting this.

Now why did i never think of this? How about a bamboo skewer?

to use them you will have to cut them short.And because of the rubberband they could break.
But still you can try it.
Thnx for the comment.

Clever idea, thanks for sharing.