Picture of How to Make a Tornado Airsoft Grenade
This shows you how i made my tornado airsoft grenade from stuff i had lying around my house. it is reusable and easy to set up.

This is my first Ible and sorry my pictures are bad because i had to take them with me phone because my camera is broken

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Step 1: Why?

Picture of Why?
I didn't want to spend $30 for a grenade that can usually only go once. And most of the grenades that people show you how to make usually have explosives  or they can go off in you hand or they only work once and you can't reset them during battle.

I also wanted one that people could make a couple of and are easy to make.

Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You need:
A wind back car with a big winder
a bic pen
and something really small but heavy-i used a small bolt and a couple nuts
tape or epoxy or glue
airsoft bbs
Small piece of coat hanger

Dremel with drill and cutting tool or something else that can cut throught plastic and a drill

Step 3: Cutting down

Picture of Cutting down
Ok now take apart your wind back car just leaving the plastic bottom with the rear end that has the wind backer on it and remember to keep the wheels on it

Then take your dremel with a cutting tool or what ever you are going to use and cut it down so there is as little as plastic around the winder but you have to leave the plastic on the bottom so when can mount the other things on

Step 4: Adding weights

Picture of Adding weights
Ok now take your small nuts and screw them on to the small bolt.....use at least 2

Then take off one of the tires of your back axle on the wind back thing

Tape or glue the nuts and bolt onto the outside of the wheel

Then you can put the wheel back on

TonyS98 months ago

If you could add piece of string to the pin, you can delay the set off time by throwing it just past the length of the string...

Do you think that this would work with a camister and a bunch of holes in it and shorter tubes? Or woulld it be too weavy?
I like that you drew something up, I tried making something similar to this with copper tubing but i was curving the tubes down the canister and that didn't work out. The only problem with your design is that the tubes would be way to short, unless you mad it so once it hit the ground than the bbs flew everywhere which i have thought about before. It would be doable but would take some time. This winter i will try to come up with something like that and make it so you can either pull a pin, set up a trip wire to it, or make it so once it hits the ground than it fires.

Thanks for the idea and if you come up with something post it and post a link in the comments.

Thanks, I will do a bit of experimenting on my own and maybe even make an instrucable about it if it works
That would be a great idea! and thanks again for the insite

Ezio884 years ago
Do you have any ideas for a timer to keep t from going off in your face? I'm trying to build one but can't get it to not go off as soon as I throw it
zipzapper859 (author)  Ezio884 years ago
Ya i will try to see if i can design a timer but i just normally use it for shorter throws or have haven attached it to the ground or a tree or by a bush and had some fishing line so when they hit the fishing line it went off.
Yea I would use it as that to but I'd like at least one second on a timer I'll think about to and tell you if I come up with any thing
zipzapper859 (author)  Ezio883 years ago
ok that will be greatly appreciated!
rikimaru5094 years ago
small nuts lol...
zipzapper859 (author)  rikimaru5094 years ago
good idea, but i'd add more barrels, and put a string on the pin. tie to trees or a stake in the ground.
use as claymore
zipzapper859 (author)  demonhunterxyz4 years ago
thanks that was one of my ideas
2bad4u4 years ago
this is really awesome... a case would be awesome and it would also be nice if it could go off on impact... my friend and I have been trying to come up with some non explosive impact designs but to no prevail... we want to be able to throw or shoot them (we made a very large air cannon)... This design has really sparked some ideas for me... if I make any of them then I will try to post them and show them to you...
zipzapper859 (author)  2bad4u4 years ago
thanks and i will work ob this some more and make it somehow go off on impact
masonsbro5 years ago
Thanks! This is an excellent Instructable and idea! I've never seen anything like it before!
zipzapper859 (author)  masonsbro5 years ago
thank you.
Superb. You just made a kinetic energy BB grenade that works like the Tornado, but you don't need any gas. I've been playing with the idea for a while, and I like to see that the theory is sound.

Say, how about if instead of the pull-back car motor, you use the parts of a wind-up clock? the part for the alarm bell stores a lot of energy, and chinese wind-up clocks should cost less than 10 dollars.
zipzapper859 (author)  Erwin Troncoso5 years ago
that could work. i will look for a wind up clock and than you could have a timer on it
pryoman15 years ago
You're right though they are expensive if you don't save up, my cousin usually gives me the firecrackers though FREE YAY!!!!!!
zipzapper859 (author)  pryoman15 years ago
unfair....i actually found some firecrackers on the ground once at my eye doctors after i went there for some was a full pack that was just laying on the ground
I can't get them where I live.
zipzapper859 (author)  imshanedulong5 years ago
that is why you should make this
i agree this is for non pyro people who cant get them (they are illegal where i live, oh well :)
make this if you don't have them

zipzapper859 (author)  pryoman15 years ago
yeah and i will try to make a better version
pryoman15 years ago
My dog doesn't like them either but we live in the tumbleweeds and sagebrush with lots of natural ditches to play each other in, although the brush could catch fairly easy. i like it though i will try this, that is when i run out of firecrackers =)
pryoman15 years ago
pretty good idea if you dont have explosives ill try this when i run out of firecrackers   :>
zipzapper859 (author)  pryoman15 years ago
i made this because i didn't have fireworks and when they are available(around 4th of July) they are expensive and my dog is very frighten easily and he doesn't like fireworks
zipzapper859 (author) 5 years ago
i tried it in a war yesterday and it kind worked that was because i threw it too hard and the bbs flew out right when i threw it. next time i will throw it softer 
Kiteman5 years ago
Not so much a grenade as a machine gun you throw...

Quite an original idea.  Well done.
zipzapper859 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago

Yeah it kind of is a small machine gun but it won't work as an actual machine gun because after every couple shoots you would have to reset
HakatoX5 years ago
I really dig it !!
way to think outside the box!
zipzapper859 (author)  HakatoX5 years ago
we have the same dremels i think
zipzapper859 (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
sweet and so how do u like the instructable?

its pretty good but i don't fully understand how it works
zipzapper859 (author)  schoonovermr5 years ago
When you spin the wheel and then let it go the barrels spin of the base instead of the wheels because the weight is on the bottom wheel(that also makes the barrels be up-right) so when the base/barrels spin the bbs come out of the top because of the force given on them and so there is bbs flying 360 degrees around the grenade. 

i hope that helps and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
zipzapper859 (author)  zipzapper8595 years ago
i meant spin on the base instead of of the base
zipzapper859 (author)  zipzapper8595 years ago
wait it is with the base.
zipzapper859 (author) 5 years ago
So what do you guys think?