Step 3: Measuring and Cutting.

Since I chose my measurements of the rectangles to be 7 in x 2.5 in, I measured them out just like that and cut them out. My felt squares were 9 x 12 in,  therefore they yielded about four rectangles per piece of felt

The triangles were a little trickier. If you cut the felt with similar measurements, you will have some small rectangles as scrap. I had six 2.5 in x 2 in scrap rectangles left over from the pieces of felt where I cut the major rectangles.

From there, I took the 2.5 in side of one of the rectangles and placed it facing me. I then took two other rectangles by the 2.5 in side and formed a triangle. Trace the triangle shape, and cut. Since I cut six rectangles, I had four of these 2.5 in triangles and two rectangles leftover. Save these, because we will use them for detailwork. 

Alternatively, you can use two rulers, instead of using the smaller rectangles.