Step 3: Measuring and Cutting.

Since I chose my measurements of the rectangles to be 7 in x 2.5 in, I measured them out just like that and cut them out. My felt squares were 9 x 12 in,  therefore they yielded about four rectangles per piece of felt

The triangles were a little trickier. If you cut the felt with similar measurements, you will have some small rectangles as scrap. I had six 2.5 in x 2 in scrap rectangles left over from the pieces of felt where I cut the major rectangles.

From there, I took the 2.5 in side of one of the rectangles and placed it facing me. I then took two other rectangles by the 2.5 in side and formed a triangle. Trace the triangle shape, and cut. Since I cut six rectangles, I had four of these 2.5 in triangles and two rectangles leftover. Save these, because we will use them for detailwork. 

Alternatively, you can use two rulers, instead of using the smaller rectangles.
You should check out my totoro phone case
Cute! <br>
I WILL MAKE THIS <br><br><br>
I LOVE IT!!! And who doesn't love Totoro? :3 I am a HUGE Hayao Miyazaki fan, my favorite is castle in the sky!! :)
thank you very much ! ;D
cute! i think i need to make one for myself =D
:D Thanks! And don't be afraid to try it~! You can make it any way you like (:
omg cuteness! I'm sooooooo making this for school! once I get a zipper XD I might just us velcrow though ;3 these are great instructions ;3 I feel certain I can do this! maybe X3 and I deffinately will do this for domo too X3
:D Yayyyy~! Velcro would be a nice addition. You could also deconstruct a small bag or something that already has a zipper and use that one. Good luck! :]
So creative and cute! I would love to try making this.
Go for it! It's relatively easy and won't take you more than 5 hours if you're handsewing.<br>If you're using a sewing machine, well, you can definitely finish this in less than 30 minutes.
I made a pikachu and it's so cute!!!!!
:O Pictures! I must see!<br>I made a Pikachu pencil case as well, perhaps I'll put up pictures later ^^
Totoro! : ) I love him!
:D Who doesn't?
OMG. An instructable about Toturo!!!! I love him. My dad went to Tokyo and brought home one of these toys. SO CUTE!
WAHHH you're so lucky~! I hope to one day own one of those giant Totoro plushes. They're so adorable!
Adorable! I love Totoro!
Thank you! :D I'm also a huge fan of Studio Ghibli films. My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite. :]
nice case
Thank you! :D
Cool, I could use a change pocket, too, can you make one? But in Metric! Inches are sooo antiquated.
That sounds like a lovely idea (: And of course! I'd love to make my 'ibles more non-US-friendly :D<br>I'll hop on it as soon as possible~! x3
Cute case, I like the ears!
Thank you! :D

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