Step 5: Detailing

Since I wanted to make a Totoro pencil case, there are several details I had to add.
Like the ears, the eyes, the nose, and the whiskers.

I took one rectangle and planned out what I wanted on it. This rectangle would be the face of Totoro, so I drew my design on Post-its and cut them out. I then laid them on the rectangle to see how it looked, and adjusted it accordingly.

After that, I made the actual pieces. They're all relatively easy to make:

TIP: Fold felt in half so you don't have to cut two separate pieces, but rather, cut both at the same time!

- For the eyes: I cut out two circles from the white felt. Then, I cut two slightly smaller black circles, and finally, two tiny white bits from the white felt. To sew them on, start with the large white circle, put on the black circle, and then put on the glint. Stitch them all on with the same stitch. In other words, pile them all on top of each other on the needle and then sew it on. 

- For the nose: I cut out a nose shape that I drew previously on a Post-it. I used only three stitches to secure it onto the rectangle, but they were tight so it wouldn't fall off easily. I used black thread so that it wouldn't be that noticeable. Again, I added a little white glint in the corner to make it more anime-like. 

- For the ears: Remember those six 2.5 in x 2 in rectangles from the triangles? We only used four for the triangles! That means we have two leftover to make dun dun dun~ EARS! I folded them in half and traced an ear pattern that I drew on a Post-it and cut them out. As is with this project, by folding it in half, we double-layered it! Cut it out, then sew it together using an oversewing/blanket stitch.

- For the whiskers: You have two options on this one, the easy option and the slightly harder option. Whiskers are super easy to make and you have two materials you can work with: strips of felt, or thread. Strips of felt are harder to work with, only because the material is so thin that it is prone to separation.
Therefore, you can embroider on some whiskers with just black thread. It's really easy: just poke the needle through from the back of the rectangle, bring it to the front, pick your endpoint, and poke it back through to the other side of the rectangle! And there you have a whisker! You can repeat this process a few times until you get the desired amount. Totoro has six whiskers; two on each side.