Picture of How to Make a Trebuchet
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Here is a Simple Way to Build a Trebuchet.

A trebuchet is a siege engine that was used in the Middle Ages to fling projectile of up to 140 pounds at enemy structures.

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Made By Manish Kumar

Step 1:

Picture of
What you need:

1. Popsicle sticks
2. Super Glue
3. Double-Sided Tape
4. Electrical Tape
5. Sharp Scissors or a Knife
6. Round Pencils (as an axle)
7. Washers
8. Any sort of counterweight. (I used coins – See step 10 on how to make a counter weight)
9. Any sort of Projectile (I used polo :P)
10. Eye Hooks
ThomasB234 months ago

thx ill that as a idea

hurricane973 years ago
how far does it throw?
howtowithmanish (author)  hurricane973 years ago
Depends on the counterweight and the weight of the projectile itself. , mine threw about 10 meters.

I have to throw throw my clay projectile over a few decametres how an i adjust it so it can go further?

zazenergy4 years ago
Fun! I love how you did this with popsicle sticks!
AndyC9 zazenergy6 months ago

How do i launch the projectile?

FrodoandSam2 years ago
How far do you think it'd throw stuff with the sling?
howtowithmanish (author)  FrodoandSam2 years ago
With this, I managed around 5 - 8 meters.
yapoyo2 years ago
I built it but the projectile just rolls out of the basket and lands half a meter behind me.
howtowithmanish (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
I faced that problem in the start too. So I put a weight onto the trebuchet so that it was sturdy enough. And I used smaller projectiles.
yapoyo2 years ago
Awesome. What are eye hooks? Do you mean screw eyes?
howtowithmanish (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
Yeah Screw Eyes. They are called Eye Hooks here in Pakistan. Please rate this Instructable and follow me if you liked it :)
Could you add a picture of the screw eye you used?
howtowithmanish (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
Hey sorry. I went on the wrong note last time. I actually used washers. Not screw eyes. Sorry for the mistake there.
Washers? I know you used that to attach the axle, but what did you use to attach the counterweight?
howtowithmanish (author)  yapoyo2 years ago
Yeah you can use screw eyes there. But I didn't use them in my model. Instead I used just some string to attach the counterweight. In Singapore on the other hand they super glued the screw part to the trebuchet and the eye part was used to cling onto the counterweight.
oh i get it now. Thank you.
Rated 5 stars and i'm following you as well:)
Rebreg3 years ago
If you want it to throw farther modify it so the counter weight goes under the pivot point and use a sling for the pouch.
howtowithmanish (author)  Rebreg3 years ago
Interesting. Thank You for the tip. I will consider it. :) Follow me if you liked this Instructable
krapy kon3 years ago
that is cool! I made one to and it shot abuot 15 yards :)
howtowithmanish (author)  krapy kon3 years ago
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