Introduction: How to Make a Trifold Paper Wallet!

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Here, I will show you step-by-step on how to make a trifoldpaper wallet! (2 pockets) I have made this super-easy to understand, so this shouldn't be too difficult.  These make good gifts to friends and the family.  Have fun!

Step 1: You Will Need...

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First, you will need to get your supplies. 
You will need:
-2 peices of paper (if you wanted to decorate the paper, use printer paper)
-pens, pencils, markers (optional)
-stapler or tape


Step 2: Folding 1

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1.) Overlap the 2 peices of paper longways, with about 1 inch of the bottom paper 'scooted' upwards.

2.) fold the pieces of papers in half, hamburger style.  (look at picture 2)

3.) Open up the papers.

4.) fold the right side of the papers to the center crease.  (look at picture 3)

5.) fold the left side of paper all the way to the edge of the papers. (look at picture 4)

Step 3: Cutting 1

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1.) Cut off 3/4 of the paper, Sideways.  (look at picture 2)

Step 4: Folding 2

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1.) Open up the wallet.

2.) Fold 1cm. of the paper upwards towards the center.  (see pictures 1 and 2)

3) Open up the fold

4.) fold the sides inward.  Meaning the bottom piece towards the upper piece, and the top piece towards the bottom piece.  (see pictures 3 and 4) MAKE SURE TO FOLD THEM SLIGHTLY!!!

5.) Repeat on the other side

6.) fold the bottom crease back up, again.

Step 5: Stapling 1

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1.) Staple the bottom (where you see yellow in my example) MAKE SURE TO STAPLE CLOSE TO EACHOTHER, SO NOTHING WILL FALL OUT LATER!

2.) Staple the sides (closely to the edge)

3.) If your wallet looks like/ very similar to my wallet, continue to the next step.  (see picture 2)

Step 6: Decorating!

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Decorating! To me, I have the most fun with this step!

1.) Close the wallet inside-out.  (see pictures 1 and 2) *VERY IMPORTANT!*

2.) Decorate your wallet with any design you want! But I don't suggest you use markers, because they may leak through the paper and make an ugly inside.

Step 7: Done!

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Congradulations! You are now done!

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