How to Make a Trip Wire Trap [HD Video Tutorial]




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Introduction: How to Make a Trip Wire Trap [HD Video Tutorial]

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This is a very simple and effective trip wire trap for use in survival situations. A noose for snaring the legs is used in this video, but a net could also be used. This trap could be scaled up or down for large or small game. At this scale, the trap could be made using two boot laces or the length contained in a standard paracord bracelet.

Traps should only be made in survival situations, and never used on people. It is likely that a trap of this nature is illegal for hunting for those within the United States. If you make this trap for practice, be sure to disassemble it after you are finished so you do not needlessly harm an animal or person.



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    im gona build at least one of your traps today to try and catch a few pigeons, hope it works:):)

    yeah some of the best traps are the most siple ones

    Awesome video one of the best I've seen. Works awesome and very easy o understand.

    Thats sick! I tried to get to that website with the t-shirts but it didn't work when i clicked it.

    2 replies

    Thanks! I'm sorry to say that the shirts are no longer for sale online. Sorry about that

    Ok. I really like your videos! Very informational and are fun projects!

    i tried it and it worked great thanks!!!!

    great job. every step is clearly explained and well demonstrated.

    1 reply

    Thank you, I work hard to try to make it so. Thanks for your comment!

    Another great video! Thanks for sharing!