Step 6:

Upper wings frame: Take the shorter one and again bend the very center of the wire into the circle, but don’t make it a closed circle.  Leave a tiny opening at the place where the wire meets itself.  Spread the two legs out for the top wings.
<p>I made the butterfly but it doesn't fly well. It goes down, sorts a free fall. What can I be doing wrong?</p>
<p>It doesn't actually fly. It just flaps around. Try winding the rubber band tighter. Good luck. </p>
<p>Thank you, I allready try that but it didn't work either. I saw a video of the real butterfly, and when you put it inside a card and you open it the butterfly flies up. I thought this would do the same</p>
I love the way you help people make their own flyer. As a home school family we made some as a class project. It was fun. For those of you who do not have the time or ability to make your own, you can buy a butterflyer for a couple bucks at https://butterflyers.com/. They have a wide variety of different designs and models for every occasion (birthday, parties, Christmas, etc.)
Thank you!
This is such a great idea! I want to try making one. Could you post a pdf of the pattern that worked since it seems like the sizes of the wings are a critical factor. Thanks so much for posting this!
The pdf is now attached to this Instructable. Thanks for looking.
Thank you so much for going to the work to make this! Now I'm ready to try it out. Good luck in the contest!
My SCAL program does not play well with other programs. It just won't copy and paste to other programs, and it won't save it to another format. So as soon as I can find a little time, I will recreate them in a program which will save pdf, and then I will post it here. I spent 2 hours trying it the other way and no luck. I will let you know when I get it done. Thanks for looking.
this is awesome ! will make one !

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