Hey everyone! This is a tutorial to show you on how to make a two dart speedloader for any Nerf Gun. But the Nerf guns have to be 1/2" CPVC Couplered. I posted a video on how to do this on a Nerf NiteFinder here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Aya8kGt-UA

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<p>I can't watch the video.</p>
i am working on a pen gun instructable
Good guide, but if I'm honest.. I could take a dart out of the holder beneath the barrel and load it into the barrel faster than I could take something off and switch it round. :/
ya, if I had a hand full of darts it would be like 1000 times faster
This works a lot better with streamlines or stefans.
wow, &quot;you can use a hacksaw or a dremel, or any other thing that cuts stuff&quot;

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