How to Make a Tye-Dye Shirt Using Grape Juice




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Introduction: How to Make a Tye-Dye Shirt Using Grape Juice

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I originally thought of this when I accidently spiled grape juice on my T-Shirt. Luckily, it was the most "Hippie" shirt I have, so, instead of using stain remover, I figured that I'd see if I could make it better by making it worse.
This method is pretty fun, provided you use the right kind of Grape Juice, I find that Purple works better than Red colored Grape Juice.
I generaly use this if I have a really badly stained Shirt, and I want to cover the stain up.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed:

Stained Shirt (Preferably, but it doesn't need to be stained...)
Rubber Bands
A Container
Grape Juice

Step 2: Dying Prep

Roll up the T-Shirt in whatever way you want (I recommend a Spiral pattern...). Then, Secure it with rubber bands.

Also, fill the Container with as much grape juice as you feel nesecary, I would say that around 1/2 a cup is probably the minimum recommended amount...

Step 3: Dying!

To put it frankly, dunk your shirt in the Grape Juice until satisfactory. If, when you unravel it, the results aren't satisfactory, try again.
Continue dying the Shirt until you think it's done.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you are done dying your shirt, take off the rubber bands and unravel it. Hopefully, you'll be pleasanlty suprised. Squeeze out most of the Grape Juice, and hang up somewhere to dry. Make sure that you put paper towels under it, because it will drip, and Grape Juice is sticky.

Additionally, if you chose to wash it right after it dries, certian types of grape juice may turn green, it makes a very interesting look.

Also: Feel free to sell these!



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    Does the smell go away after a few washes?

    can you do this with any colored tshirt?

    Why not put the grape juice in a spray bottle with an adjustable spray mist/stream. Put the shirt in the spirals you want, and spray away on a mist form. I did this with actual Tye-dye kits and it comes out a lot crisper and the colors blend together rather than bleed all over the place.

    1 reply

    I'll be sure to try that!

    I'm so doing this! (Once I get some Grape Juice...)

    How can you prevent the grape juice from soaking the whole shirt? Or should I just dip the rolled up shirt for a moment and take it out immediately? I tried this but the whole shirt became one color...?

    1 reply

    Um, if you wrap it in a spiral (Pinch the center and twist), and only dip half of it it, it should work fine. At least, the grape juice shouldn't reach the center, I hope that that helped...