Step 1: To Do a USB FLASH DRIVE-LIGHTER You Need!!!

In this video I'm going to show you an idea of making a USB lighter with your own hands out of an old flash drive!

Step 2: It's Very Easy to Make a Modding of an Old Flash Drive at Home!

It's quite an easy job to do a modding of an old flash drive and turn it into USB flash drive-lighter!

Step 3: There's a 100% Chance to Be Unique With Having Such a Device in Your Disposal!

With such a little trick you may vary an old plain flash drive, and turn it into a stylish USB flash drive-lighter!

Step 4: Such an Interesting Idea and Trick Will Help You to Vary an Old Plain Flash Drive, and Turn It Into a Stylish USB Flash Drive-lighter!

<p>Hey this is super cool and deserves respect! I love it!</p>

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