How to Make a Username Lock on Scratch




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Introduction: How to Make a Username Lock on Scratch

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This shows you all your scratch username and password needs!

Step 1: How to Make LOCKS on Scratch

In this you will learn about any basic lock you can use on Scratch. The lock types are shown below

-username lock

-username and password lock

-password lock

Step 2: Username/password Lock

Just copy the script below and tweak it a bit to your needs and you have got yourself a password lock!

Step 3: Other

You can also make a keypad and send a broadcast message every time it's clicked and it can add the order to a variable!



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    This is by @wiliam1031 on scratch, you can like some of my projects that have the locks

    My son uses Scratch everyday! He loves to code games. I will definitely show this to him! Thanks.

    If you haven't already, please join scratch to use this code!