Picture of How to Make a Vest out of a T-Shirt
We're bringing back the Vest in a whole new way. Move over Ferris Bueller, this quick and easy t-shirt restyling will have you stylin' in no time. We are always looking for new cool DIY fashion ideas at Threadbanger, so be sure to send in your ideas! And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Step 1: Cut...

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First, get a T-shirt.

Draw a line up the middle with a fabric pen.

Get your scissors and cut up the shirt along the line you just made.

Then, cut off the sleeves along the seam.
craig37 years ago
How can you stop the cut edges from fraying? is it just a matter of folding the cut edges and sewing them closed?
t shirts dont really fray
dmnhunt3r6 years ago
dude awesome
holyfire7 years ago
thought this guy looked familiar. He was on operation junkyard on discovery kids. i used to watch it, but sadly, it was never as good as junkyard wars. Man, i wish that show was bak on. =)
sweet that is awsome nice stitching!
thinker7 years ago
ace shirt !!
i did this for one of my old shirts a while ago
my friend recently did it for one of his Thudercats t-shirts that had got too small
im currently working on converting my old school blazer into some old-school style chique, im adding a grey hoody-style hood under the collar to hide the seams, addin some paddin to the shoulder for wear and tear, and gonna add me some lining to
any ideas which stitch i should for the lining of it? or any particular material i should use? i was thinkin of a red silk as its a blue blazer but i wasnt sure.
any comments on this would be greatly appreciated
kirnex7 years ago
So glad you managed to make it look un-trailer-like. I was skeptical, but you wear it well. ;)
Metal4God8 years ago
cool first comment and the vest is cool to