Picture of How to Make a Vintage Inspired Clay Rose Necklace
This is a BEAUTIFUL and easy DIY accessorie project that will “wow” everyone who sees you wear it.  The thing I like most about this project is that it is cheap (of course) and unique in that each rose turns out a bit different and you can customize the colors to any you’d like. So lets just jump into it then shall we!

Cost: $0 for me (since I had everything on hand) but about $8-$15 depending on what you already have


A set of jewelry making tools (round nose pliers, wire cutters, flat nosed pliers). I got mine at Walmart in a set of 3 for about $7.
Sculpey Clay. Or other polymer clay of your choice. They have a huge variety of colors for about $2 per block. I usually stock up when they go on sale for half off. I typically get the primary colors plus black, white, and brown and then mix them myself to whatever I need.
Acrylic craft paint. I like to use brown, and sometimes metallic gold and silver to get the vintage/antique look to my roses.
A craft knife or utility knife.
A bead reamer or a skewer.
A medium paint brush .
Paper towels .
A water dish.
A palette . I use a plate covered in tin foil.
A glass baking pan.
An oven.
5-9 medium to large size beads in a coordinating color to your rose color pick.
Jewelry chain, jump rings, clasps, and eye pins.
If you’re serious about making jewelry its worth it to get familiar with the basic techniques to jewelry making. I am honestly not a pro at all but found that a lot can be done with my cheap supplies and tools and some basic techniques. Also, on a side note, I get a lot of my jewelry findings at The Dollar Store, Walmart, and my local craft store when they’re half off so its really not that expensive a hobby to have. And its nice to have some supplies on hand to whip up last minute gifts for friends and family that are classy and handmade and look way more expensive than they actually were to make.

To help you out on this front, heres a link to a great site that will teach you the basics you’ll need to complete this project as well as help you with future jewelry making endeavors. And if you need a little more to get you started, heres a couple more sites I found that I thought were clear and concise: .http://www.jewelry-making- instructions.com/beaded-linksht ml ,http://www.making-jewelry-now.com/jewelry-making-instructions.html . There, seriously easy huh? With just those simple skills and your Walmart tools you can make literally hundreds of amazing pieces of jewelry. Now to the part I’m going to really teach today. How to make the vintage inspired clay rose bead that is going to completely MAKE this necklace. Ready? Here we go.
lindadubos2 years ago
This is absolutely wonderful! Your tutorial was clearly explained and very inspiring. Getting out my sculpey and paints as soon as I post. Thank you.
jingkily2 years ago
nice one,..i want to do this some other day,.very pretty :)
drifle3 years ago
Thank you so much for this! I used your tutorial to make a white gardenia out of air dry paper clay and thanks to your photos and steps...it turned out pretty good for a first try!

mstyle1833 years ago
good luck!!.. looks great
gotsparkles3 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous!! I was trying to find information about making rose BUDS, but this is utterly inspiring in a whole different direction. Thanks for sharing your tips - I especially like the effect of antiquing.
dilinin4 years ago
very attractive....is that normal clay using by childrens...?
Creativeman4 years ago
Well done!