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Now, heres my first Instructable and Ill show you, how to make a small Voltage Inverter (I mean, getting a NEGATIVE Voltage out of a POSITIVE) on you Bredboard.

Some Amplifying circuits need negative voltage to work good. This circuit schould deliver enough current to power a small OpAmp or so.

Step 1: Part List

Now, youll' need some Parts you can easily from you local electronics store.

-1x Bredboard (To mount everything on, you could even use a small Stripboard to solder everthing on)
-1x NE555 (Tiny Timer Chip, the Heart of the Circuit)
-Capacitors: -1x 25 Volt, 47 - 220µF (For Testing, Get more than One ;))
                       -1x 16 Volt (or Higher), 0.1 - 1µF (Same Here)
                       -1x 25 Volt (or Higher) 470 - 2200µF
Resistors: -3x 1.5kOhm ( 1k will work,too)
                    -1x 100kOhm (With this one you could Mess around, so you could use anything between 1k - 820k, Its up to you!)
-2x 1N4001 Diode (You can use nearly every kind of Diode, but prevent using Zener Diodes. They wont work.)
- 9V Battery or other Powersupply (If youre' using a Wallwart, make sure you put some Ripple-filter caps on the powerlines)
Finally, Some LEDs with the color of your choice.2 - 3 or so.
Does this produce AC or DC current
<p>I believe inverters produce AC voltage (DC to AC)</p>
The final product
Thanks for the awesome and useful little project I built this and it works great. Running it on a +12V power supply gets me about -10.62V. I started with it in the test phase on my breadboard and then from there made it a more permanent solution soldering it on a pcb.<br><br> I'd really like to be able to make it adjustable so I could get exactly what I needed for each project I use it for. I'm trying to find the best way to do that. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear back from you. Thanks again!
<p>will this work for a 12V supply?</p><p>Please answer as quickly as possible.</p>
<p>yes it will</p>
<p>It was easy and I made it for my school project. I also got a first price for this. Thank you</p>
you said Bredboard
I just posted this on the arduino forum to drive LCD contrast, course its not my idea, and I would have never thought of it, but durn if you were a couple days earlier it would have saved me a boatload of googling

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